Workstations on rent in Singapore

A substantial amount of desktop computers in the current market are expected to operate as work stations. Standard functions such as e-mails and presentations can be made with ease on a business PC but workstations provide a more intelligent performance for applications even if it is at entry-level. Workstations are built especially for high-performance and large workloads. With them, the complete system can also be tailored to fit the individual needs of its owner. Even power users in the office prefer an entry-level workstation over the PC and have proven more effective for rendering complex graphics, computations, financial analysis and content creation. It increases productivity, improves reliability and limits the downtime while also letting the user explore new capabilities. This makes it the preferred addition to systems for designers, engineers, researchers and financial analysts. Anyone working with 2D and 3D graphics will also see a dramatic improvement in the system response.

Workstations versus Desktop

Workstations and Desktops are often used interchangeably but in reality, they are designed differently and operate differently as well in various aspects.


In workstations, high precision NVIDIA Quadro option is used along with other higher-end hardware for motherboards and GPUs.


While desktops can give a good performance, the workstation provides several times better power at consumer-level hardware as per its configuration. It has faster rendering time, smoother simulation and animation and better machine learning.


The workstation components are held at higher standard due to its better hardware and operations as compared to the desktop because it has a greater quality of capacitors and other components. The workstations, therefore, handle the day to day operations more smoothly making it more durable.


Workstations have more distinct features such as ECC RAM, several processors and specialised inputs and outputs. There are better drivers in the workstation that have been optimised for CAD and other professional applications and are designed to be more accurate with graphic cards alone worth a significant amount making these machines the optimum choice for professionals.

Renting Workstations

Workstations are held at a far superior standing because of its better hardware, impeccable performance and long-term durability. The components are also referred to as ‘Workstation Class’. All the features and advantages of a workstation make it the preferred choice for many but due to the high quality of components used the price of a new workstation is higher than a desktop. At Electronics Crazy, there are powerful workstations available to rent with the true performance of brand new workstations. They are robust and strong pieces available from name-brand companies. In other places, even rents can go as high as two-hundred dollars per week but at our website, there are Dell, HP and Lenovo workstations available refurbished and otherwise at steep prices of $50-$90 per week. The workstations have i5 Core and are available in 3rd Gen and 4th Gen with up to 500GB HDD. Renters also have a choice of 4GB and 8GB RAM. The workstations are in slim and sleek designs including the latest version of windows and can be imaged to specific configurations.