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WIRELESS CHARGER & POWER BANK 10000MAH for Iphone X/7/8/8Plus, Samsung Galaxy s6/s7, Note, Nokia Lumia 1020/920/928, HTC 8X, Moto Droid Maxx, Google Nexus 4/5/6/7, LG G2-G5, Edge, Droid Mini etc.

Electronics Crazy
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Bulk Quantity Pricing
Quantity 10+ 50+ 100+
Price S$18.99 S$16.99 S$13.99


  • 100% brand new from factory and high quality.
  • Economical Price
  • Sold and shipped from Singapore (hence faster delivery, reliable source)
  • Input voltage: 5V / 2A
  • Output voltage: 5V /2.1A
  • Charging Current: 500 to 1000 milliampere
  • Wireless Working Frequency: 10-205khz
  • Launch Distance: 2 to 4 mm
  • Charging Power: 5 milliwatts
  • Standby power: Less than 30 milliwatts
  • Conversion Efficiency: More than 90%
  • Fit for models: Iphone X/7/8/8Plus, Samsung Galaxy s6/s7,Note, Nokia Lumia 1020/920/928, HTC 8X, Moto Droid Maxx, Google Nexus 4/5/6/7, LG G2-G5, Edge, Droid Mini etc..
  • In 3 colors - Black /Grey / White


Electronics Crazy

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Technical Details

Charging Current:
500 to 1000 milliampere
Charging Power:
5 milliwatts
Conversion Efficiency:
more than 70%
Input Frequency:
Input Voltage:
5V, 2A
Launch distance:
2 to 4 mm
Output current:
Output voltage:
Standby power :
less than 30 milliwatts

Warranty & Support

3 Months


It works with iPhone X, acceptable charging time for my standard. Overall nice wireless power bank in this range!
Good buy. Power bank working as described and battery backup is quite well.
Fast delivery and Value for money product.
Value for money. Battery backup is enough to power 2 mobile phones in emergency. The white color power bank also matches with my mobile color.
Received item within 3days of shipping, and power bank came well-packed and in great condition. One full charge can power my iPhone 7 Plus a few times over. Would recommend.
Very fast delivery. Received a Wireless Charging Receiver for free gift and in good conditions. Thanks, Seller
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Manglam 2 Comment 17/09/2018
Is it compatible with iPhone8?
Admin 10 17/09/2018
Yes, it is fully compatible with iPhone 8.
Victor Lee 1 Comment 19/10/2018
Can charge iPhone XS Max?
Wilson 7 19/10/2018
Yes, it is compatible with iPhone XS Max.
shomira 0 Comment 09/01/2019
this is good device
shomita 0 Comment 09/01/2019
what is the device specification

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Smartphone technology has made huge leaps in recent years and it’s no surprise that people use this technology to perform a lot of the basic functions. Apart from the obvious things like browsing the internet and using social media, smartphones come packed with other utility apps such as a calculator, memo, and alarm.

So, we quite literally use our phones for everything. From the moment we wake up (many people use the alarm app on their phones) we are likely to use our phone throughout the day. Not only are they a great way to keep in touch with your social circles, with the COVID-19 pandemic, but they have also become integrated into our work lives as well.

Because they are in constant use, it’s important to keep the sufficiently charged at all times. However, wall-charging ports aren’t always available when you’re on the go. This is where technology such as power banks come in.

These are a portable source of power that is used to charge your phone when its low on battery—resulting in constant use of the smartphone without any interruptions.

If you’re looking for a power bank that will have your back at all times, head to Electronics Crazy. We offer a wide range of different power banks at extremely affordable prices. Our most popular power bank retails for $19 (Singaporean dollars). This isn’t pricey at all for what it offers: 10,000MAH compatible with iPhones X/7/8/8Plus, Samsun Galaxy s6/S7, Note, Nokia Lumia 1020/920/928, HTC 8X and Google Nexus 4/5/6/7 along with some LG models. The colours we provide these power banks are usually muted to give you a sleeker look. These are typically Grey, Black and White.

Just because they are affordable doesn’t mean that they have poor quality. The power banks we provide are of the best quality and come in many different types i.e. wired power banks, wireless power banks, those with high power capacity and those that have special charging specs such as USB or Quick Charge.

Apart from the low prices and great quality, the power banks we supply come with a one-year warranty. Thus, if you accidentally get shipped a faulty product—although we guarantee that has never happened—or your product stopped working, we can reimburse you within a year of the purchase.

Since we are an online store, we cater to customers all over the world thanks to our worldwide network of vendors. This means you will get to choose from a large variety of products. We know that products such as power banks are meant to last you a long while; if you feel sceptical buying these products online, we encourage you to go over the reviews on our products to get the perspective of someone who has bought that power bank before.

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