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Toshiba 19v 4.74a 90w (5.5*2.5mm) Original Laptop Charger Compatible With PA3032U-1ACA, Toshiba Tecra Z50-A-11E, Z50-A-11H, Z50-A-11J, Z50-A-11K, Z50-A-11Q, Z50-A-11R, Z50-A-120, Z50-A-128, Z50-A-129, Z50-A-12C, Z50-A-12K, Z50-A-12L, Z50-A-12N

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Bulk Quantity Pricing
Quantity 10+ 50+ 100+
Price S$23.27 S$20.82 S$17.14

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Product details:-

  • 100% brand new from factory and high quality.
  • Economical Price
  • Price Matching Guarantee
  • 1 Year Singapore warranty
  • Only for export. Not approved for Singapore Safety mark.
  • Sold and shipped from Singapore (hence faster delivery, Easy to Exchange)
  • Certifications: FCC, CE, ROHS
  • Compatible part number: PA3032U-1ACA
  • Compatible with laptop Models: Toshiba Tecra Z50-A-11E, Z50-A-11H, Z50-A-11J, Z50-A-11K, Z50-A-11Q, Z50-A-11R, Z50-A-120, Z50-A-128, Z50-A-129, Z50-A-12C, Z50-A-12K, Z50-A-12L, Z50-A-12N, Z50-A-12Q, Z50-A-12R, Z50-A-12T, Z50-A-12U, Z50-A-12V, Z50-A-12W, Z50-A-12X, Z50-A-12Z, Z50-A-130, Z50-A-13D, Z50-A-13E, Z50-A-13F, Z50-A-13G, Z50-A-13J, Z50, Z50-A, Z50-A-004, Z50-A-005, Z50-A-00C, Z50-A-00C-4, Z50-A-00C-5, Z50-A-00J, Z50-A-00L, Z50-A-02S, Z50-A-05Y, Z50-A-07Q, Z50-A-0DU,, Z50-A-106, Z50-A-10D, Z50-A-10N, Z50-A-11C, Z50-A-13M, Z50-A-13N, Z50-A-142, Z50-A-147, Z50-A-148, Z50-A-14Z, Z50-A1501, Z50-A1502, Z50-A1503, Z50-A1510, Z50-A-15P, Z50-A-15W, Z50-A-16C, Z50-A-16D, Z50-A-180, Z50-A-181, Z50-A-1C8, Z50-A5101L, Z50-C, Z50-C-104, Z50-C-106, Z50-C-107, Z50-C-108, Z50-C-10M, Z50-C-10P, Z50-C-11C
  • Pin Size: 5.5*2.5mm

    Z50-A-11K Charger



Additional Features


Technical Details

Input Frequency:
Input surge:
Input Voltage:
Output current:
Output power:
Output voltage:
Output voltage can be adjusted:
Product Dimensions:

Warranty & Support

1 Year


I would like to thanks for the prompt services from this supplier. Happy to receive my TOSHIBA charger. It is working good..and it energized again my old laptop.. again thanks
The charger delvired to me is same as described on their website. Fit perfectly in my Toshiba Z50-A-128 laptop and worked right out of the package. Highly recommend product and seller!
Hassle-free delivery services from the supplier and got it on the same day., Adapter working fine and got it on very cheap price..
Ordered one adapter, delivery took longer than was expected, the adapter came in good shape and good packaging. thanks for finding this. you're one of the very few places that carry this item.
Electronicscrazy.sg has lot of electronics gadgets and accessories for sale and have it in stock. good services by the company..also delivery is very fast. i got my ordered laptop adapter on the same day.
Good service by seller. thanks to electronicscrazy.sg. will place more orders for other electronics products.
Whatever reason the Charger didn't last long but when the seller read my feedback the contacted me and offered replacement or refund. Since I had already bought a new adapter they refunded my money without any problems.
Charger for my Toshiba PA3032U-1ACA was shipped to me on same day and works like a charm. No complaints about this company from me. The costumer services is also spectacular.
I have this as a spare for my Father who is always taking his laptop to and from work. He had forgotten his adapter at home a few times before I got him this. Now, he doesn't have to worry about the adapter because he always has one. He hasn't had any issues with the adapter and it works well with his laptop.
We have lost the original, so we were thrilled to find this. It works well, and the price was great. good online store for electronics items and accessories, Thank you
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Carine T. 0 Comment 04/05/2018
Is this compatible with Toshiba Z50-A-129 laptop?
Admin Admin 0 04/05/2018
Yes same charger is compatible with your laptop model please proceed for your order.
Amanda Loh 0 Comment 09/01/2019
Is this compatible with Z50-A-11H laptop?
ElectronicsCrazy.sg 0 09/01/2019
Yes same charger is compatible with your laptop model please proceed for your order.
Jeffrey 0 Comment 04/02/2019
Is it suitable for toshiba Satellite L305D laptop?
ElectronicsCrazy.sg 0 04/02/2019
The adapter is not compatible with the above-mentioned laptop model. The compatible adapter can be purchased from the below link:-

Laptop Charger Manual

Laptop Adapter


Thank you for purchasing this product which is especially designed for charging and supplying power for notebooks.


Before use, please read the following important safety information. We are not responsible for any damage caused by incorrect or reckless operation.

Important Safety Information:

This safety guideline is to help you operate your laptop adapter safety, to ensure your personal safety and reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury.

1. Do not apply external force on the cord.

2. Do not unplug by pulling the cord.

3. Do not connect a binded cord to the power supply.

4. For indoor use only. Do not place the cord or device near heating elements.

5. Do not bend the blade or pins of the plug.

6. If there is any strange sound, smoke or odor, pull of the cable immediately.

7. Do not disassemble (It may cause fire or electric shock).

8. Do not put any sharp objects into the venting hole of the product (It may cause fire or electric shock).

9. Ensure to plug the product firmly.

10. It is normal for product to become warm during use. Do not touch the product during use.

11. Ensure not to use a damaged cable. (It may cause fire or electric shock).

12. Do not place the product on a bed, bad or inside a closet that is not good for ventilation.

13. Always wipe off the product with soft fabric, not water mop.

14. Keep clean the power plug and the outlet (Dirt/dust may cause a short circuit and fire).

15. Keep the product out of reach of children.

16. Don’t unplug the power cord with a wet hand. (It may cause electric shock).

17. Unplug the power cord if you don’t use the product for a long time (It may cause heat, fire and electric shock).

Operation Instruction:

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