Targas THZ52201AP-50 3D Protection for iPad Air 2(White) Save 44%
S$140.00 S$79.00
AMB580AP Bluetooth Mouse Save 46%
S$120.00 S$64.49
Targus TSS974GL Laptop Case Save 42%
S$60.00 S$35.00
Targus TSS975GL Laptop Case Save 44%
S$70.00 S$39.00
Targus TBS64602GL Sleeve Save 46%
S$90.00 S$49.00
Targus TBS64601GL Sleeve Save 46%
S$90.00 S$49.00
Targus TSS976GL Laptop Case Save 46%
S$90.00 S$49.00
Targus TSB939GL Backpack Save 46%
S$500.00 S$269.00
Targus TSB917AP-71 Backpack Save 43%
S$210.00 S$119.00
Targus ACA42USZ-80 Save 34%
S$150.00 S$99.00
Targus ACA44USZ USB-C Save 38%
S$160.00 S$99.00
Targus ACC1005USZ Save 37%
S$30.00 S$19.00
Targus ACC1009USX 3-Way Save 38%
S$95.00 S$59.00
ACH134AP-51 Cable Save 40%
S$25.00 S$14.90
Targus ACH144AP-51 Save 37%
S$60.00 S$37.90
ACH154AP-51 USB 3.0 4-Port hub Save 40%
S$60.00 S$35.90
Targus USB 2.0 4-Port USB HUB Save 36%
S$20.00 S$12.90
Targus AKB55AP-50 KB55 Multi-Platform Bluetooth Keyboard  English Save 40%
S$65.00 S$39.00
Targus AKM600AP-50 KM600 Wired USB Keyboard & Mouse Combo English Save 46%
S$55.00 S$29.90
Targus  AKM610AP-52_ KM610 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo  English Save 47%
S$95.00 S$49.90
Targus AKP10AP-60 Numeric Keypad (Support both PC & Mac) Save 44%
S$60.00 S$33.90
Targus AMB580AP-52 3.0, Optical Bluetooth mouse Save 42%
S$60.00 S$34.90
Targus Presenter AMP09AP Save 45%
S$180.00 S$99.90
P13 Laser Remote Save 41%
S$120.00 S$70.90
Targus AMP30GL USB Presenter Save 39%
S$80.00 S$49.00
Targus AMP32GL-50 P32 Dual Mode Presenter with Laser Pointer Save 48%
S$190.00 S$99.00
Targus P38 Motion Control Save 36%
S$200.00 S$129.00
Targus AMU660AP-50 U660 USB Optical Mouse (Black) Save 38%
S$16.00 S$9.90
Targus AMW60002AP-50 W600 Wireless Optical Mouse (Red) Save 40%
S$30.00 S$17.90
Targus AMW60003AP-50 W600 Wireless Optical Mouse (Blue) Save 40%
S$30.00 S$17.90
Targus AMW610AP-52 W610 Wireless 4-Key Optical Mouse (Black) Save 43%
S$35.00 S$19.90
Targus AMW615AP-51 W615 Wireless 6-Key BlueTrace Mouse (Black) Save 40%
S$45.00 S$26.90
Targus AMW62001AP-52 W620 Wireless 4-Key BlueTrace Mouse (White) Save 40%
S$40.00 S$23.90
Targus AMW620AP-52 W620 Wireless 4-Key BlueTrace Mouse (Black) Save 32%
S$35.00 S$23.90
Targus APS1001AP-50 Save 31%
S$100.00 S$69.00

Branded Items Delivery Options in Singapore

Are you looking for Same Day delivery for your Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, and other branded items?

No worries! We understand and care about your urgent requirement for branded items. You can avail of an immediate delivery(same day delivery) in hours only for S$3.99, You can get branded items through our renowned delivery partners like Ninja van delivery (1-3 days) for S$1.99 only, SingaPost Registered delivery (3-4 days) for S$2.99 only and SingPost Local Ordinary Mail (8-10 days) for S$1.49 only. In fact, you can get branded items using Self-Pickup for FREE. ElectronicsCrazy, also provides Cash on Delivery(COD) option and This service is provided to customers by our delivery partners like Ninja Van and J&T Express(Shipping charges will be included S$ 7.99).

Branded Items Payment Methods

You can purchase branded items(Dell, Lenovo, hp, Samsung and others), using online payment methods. ElectronicsCrazy, integrated with PayPal, Stripe, PayNow, Bank transfer, Paylah and you can purchase branded items in seconds.