Servers on rent in Singapore

Servers are a centralised source of access and network serving various purposes. A server is made for the storage, management and transfer of information and also processes the data being transferred. It is more reliable compared to a desktop and is a staple in many businesses due to the many benefits it offers.

Benefits of Servers


Most offices employ a peer-to-peer network which is essentially weak in security and comes with a host of problems. Because of spyware and viruses, data may be lost. Servers can back up employee and company data which can be retrieved if needed.

Remote Accessibility

A server is an important piece of business for the management of data and its security. But they not only help with data storage but also improve the efficiency and productivity of the operations because the employees can access the data from their home or anywhere in the office easily.


Servers are beneficial because of their scalability through which they help meet current and future needs. Changes can be made in it with time with expanding businesses.

Supercharging the Network

The Server provides better access to high-speed access to a network and better processing power. That is why it is said to supercharge the network while storing a large amount of data and enabling the PC to perform better.


Without a server, the prospect of electronic collaboration decreases significantly and becomes restricted. With a synced server the communications and sharing of information between employees become easier.

Renting Servers

Purchasing servers might not be possible for new businesses. Servers can be costly and may not be fitting in the set budget. It is considered a hefty investment and even if the business owners go the route of refurbished servers it as at constant risk of failing. Owning and maintaining a server also requires a substantial cost along with having a monitoring expense with software. Failed servers and the replacement procedure required for it can hurt the operations of the company because it can result in loss of data and exposing it to hackers and spyware. Even if refurbished servers do not fail they can have numerous drawbacks. An alternate solution to acquiring refurbished servers is renting a server which removes the issue of maintenance and upgrading. For those looking for a rented server because they do not want a personal dedicated server in their office often host their websites and applications on rented ones. The server resources are not shared and there is no clogging up of the RAM because of multiple users trying to access it at the same time. With the rented server there is superior processing power and good storage options and high memory capacity allowing several users in a company to store their data on it at a single time. The server allows for faster file transfer on the intelligent server management. At Electronics Crazy, the server can be rented at $100 per week and making a security deposit and it promises a grade ‘A’ quality server.