Same Day Delivery in Singapore

We do provide same day delivery in Singapore for all electronic gadgets & accessories. Same day delivery in just S$ 3.99. Go ahead! Add to cart, make an order and we promise you to deliver your item on same day. You will surely get your Laptop, monitor, ink & cartridge, laptop charger, adapter, laptop stand, Laptop battery, mobile power bank, home appliances today by same day home delivery.

Delivery service days: 7 days a week; 365 days a year, including holidays.

No minimum order value required.


New Laptops

Refurbished Laptops

New Monitors

Refurbished Monitors

Ink & Toners

Original Laptop Chargers

Laptops Batteries

Laptop Stands

Mobile Power Banks

Home Appliances

Health and Beauty

Home Decor



Storage Devices

Smart Wearables

Earphones & Headphones



Bluetooth Headsets

Wireless Routers

Smart Power Socket

Gaming Gadgets

Perks to Avail Same Day Delivery

Have you ever stuck in a situation when you need urgent delivery of your parcel? If so, don’t need to worry anymore. ElectronicsCrazy is the best solution for you! Whether it’d any parcel. Precious item or important document, you can get or deliver it on an immediate basis. Generally, when you order something from any online website, it is so hard for them to deliver urgent delivery. But now, the market has online services that not only deliver the products in a timely manner but also deliver in hours. It really makes sense for customers to avail of the services in an emergency situation. There is a time when we got stuck in situations when we need to deliver the products in other cities or areas. What do we need to do at that time? Do you have any idea regarding this? Surely, you will get to find the delivery services who facilitate you with quick delivery options. Henceforth, ElectronicsCrazy is the perfect service to choose from. When talked about the ElectronicsCrazy, there is the facility to have packages packed as well as delivered on time. They surely operate 24 hours before the day ends. So, whenever you want to transfer any urgent document at any place, go for the ElectronicsCrazy. Besides the document category, whether it’s the medical papers, legal document or any business-related papers, we ensure you protected service for our end.

Top Reasons to Choose ElectronicsCrazy – A Day Delivery Services

Maybe you don’t aware of the remarkable reasons for a day delivery service, but yet it’s imperative to know. Thus, here are some outstanding reasons and benefits to avail day delivery services. Undoubtedly, emergency delivery services make your life easier and convenient. You can deliver anything to your loved ones or relative without making them wait for days. Despite this, a day delivery service for-sure minimize the expense of your vehicle. With the reliable services of ElectronicsCrazy, there is no need for you to deliver the urgent yourself. Here, just need to make a call and get your parcel delivered. The list goes on here. Urgent delivery facilities and day delivery facilities save your focus to handle your own business rather than get worried about the parcel delivery or this kind of stuff. Simply, it saves time as well as your money.

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Are you now thinking of the liability and chances of risk? If so, we have the answer to this too. Another amazing fact about ElectronicsCrazy is the safest way to deal with any kind of accident and risk. So, if your parcel ever with the accident or any hazard, we “ElectronicsCrazy” have insurance-based facilities to protect your delivery. Even more, you don’t need to deal with any process of certification and training to get your parcel on the same day. Just place your order, clear the dues, opt the option of day delivery and that’s all. Because of these reasons, don’t use day delivery services every time. Use it only when you really use it.