Replacement Laptop Grade A Cells Battery for Asus F82-A32 Compatible with Asus F52, F82, F83S K6C11, K40, K40E, K40IJ, K40IN, K50, K50AB-X2A, K50ij, K50IN, K51, K60, K61, K70, K70IC

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Product details:-

  • 100% brand new from factory and high quality.
  • Economical Price
  • Sold and shipped from Singapore (hence faster delivery, Easy to exchange)
  • Fast, friendly and hassle-free customer service with a full 6 months warranty.
  • Our batteries are 100% brand new, CE / FCC / ROHS-certified for safety and environmentally friendly. We only use high-quality grade A cells for higher performance, longer life, & more reliability. It meets and/or exceeds OEM specifications.
  • Capacity: 4400mAh/ 5200mAh
  • Voltage: 11.1V
  • Battery Cells: 6 Cells
  • Compatible with models: Asus F52, F82, F83S, K6C11, K40, K40E, K40IJ, K40IN, K50, K50AB-X2A, K50ij, K50IN, K51, K60, K61, K70, K70IC, K70IJ, K70IO, X5C, X5D, X5E, X5J, X5DIJ-SX039C, X8B, X8D, X65, X70

    Replacement Asus F82-A32 Laptop BatteryReplacement Laptop Battery



Warranty & Support

6 Months


Works perfectly with my Asus K50IN laptop. I have been using this for a month now, no issues so far. Gives me around 2hrs 30mins backup. I usually use my laptop for programming with Eclipse and with 3 - 4 Firefox tabs open in the background. Build quality is excellent as well.
Works right with my laptop. It's a replacement battery but works as original battery, it's a great replacement battery if you are searching a replacement battery for your laptop then doubtless, you can purchase this at
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Oh Teck Boon 0 Comment 28/02/2019
Is this Suitable with Asus K50IN laptop? 0 28/02/2019
Yes same battery is suitable with your laptop model please proceed for your order.
Cars Yachts 0 Comment 25/05/2019
Is this Battery Suitable with the Asus K50AB-X2A laptop? 0 25/05/2019
Yes same battery is suitable with your laptop model please proceed for your order.

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Replacement Laptop Battery for Asus F82-A32

Replacement Laptop Battery for Asus F82-A32 works fine with other versions like Asus F52, F82, F83S and many others. It is also a very good match with Asus K50IN laptop, it gives you around 2hrs 30mins backup as well. You can use your laptop for programming with most modern and core programming languages as well. You can say that it’s a perfect replacement battery but works same as the original battery, and it's said to be an ideal replacement battery if when you are looking for a good replacement battery for your machine . You can purchase it from the Ectronicscrazy anytime you want. The price is very economical as well and the standby is also very good. It is best made by the manufacturer for the latest versions of laptops. It is the most premium quality laptop battery you can get in the market. Your new Asus F82 A32-F82 Notebook 4400mAh 6 Cell laptop battery can meet the requirements of the modern high tech environment. You should not be worried regarding the dependability of this product, because it is the best replacement of the Asus F82. It can be ship following the appropriate quality assurance procedures.


> You can buy it in a brand new condition

> You will get it in the Li-ion type

> You will find Number of Cell:6 cells

> Its Output is supposed to be 11.1V

> Its capacity is around 4400mAh

> You will be getting a warranty of 4 Month against your payment receipt.

Product details:-

> The price is very economical, Sold from the Singapore and vendors offer you fast order delivery and it is easy to exchange)

> Manufacturers offer you a fast, friendly and hassle-free client service

> The batteries are made up of quality material and it’s a 100% brand new, CE / FCC / ROHS-certified product. The manufacturer offers you a safe and sound and environmentally friendly product.

> You will get a great quality grade cell when you buy Battery for Asus higher, it will be a high performance and of long life as well

> Its capacity is 4400mAh with a Voltage range of 11.1V with 6 Battery Cells.

You should be finding the right type of laptop battery for your machine, Laptop manufacturers make use of different sorts of batteries for the different laptop model. You must be sure that you are getting the right type of quality when you buy this product. You can ask for the buyer’s guide if uncertain about any of the thing.

Get this Replacement Laptop Battery for Asus and relax, because you have made the right choice here. It is a great Replacement Laptop Battery for Asus for your laptop. It gives you peace of mind as well because you can use it for a longer duration. Get your work and business boosted by this battery option. Get faster service than others and make the right choice for yourself. Buy this product from the famous store none other than Electronicscrazy. Electronicscrazy has been selling Laptop Battery. You can order one for you anytime you want.

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