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Tablet computer is midway in size between a laptop and a smart phone. Old aged tablet computers used either a keyboard or a stylus to input information; but these methods were afterwards displaced by touch-screens. Tablets come in different of shapes and sizes. As the form factor mainly determines the use case it is useful to set out the different sub-categories. lid tracking alongside an entire host of additional features, but these are those we expect offer the absolute best experience.

Phablet - With Six to seven inches screens, phablets is in middle between smart phones and small tablets. It offers a better viewing, reading & document editing or even creation experience. Most leading smart phone vendors with the notable exception of Apple now offer a phablet. Some other players tablets are - Samsung Galaxy Note3, Sony- Xperia Z Ultra, Nokia Lumia- 1520, HTC- One Max, Acer-Liquid S2 etc.

Small tablet - For many of us, 7 seven to eight inches tablets provide a perfect combination of handiness, reasonable computing power and screen-readability. Leading examples of such tablets are – Google Nexus -7, the Apple I-Pad-Mini and Samsung Galaxy Tab-3 7.0.

Medium-sized tablet - This comes in the mainstream tablet sub category typified by the full-size I-Pad and featuring a nine to ten Inches screen. It is portable but not pocketable like a Small tablet. These more dominant devices will often have optional add on keyboards to support heavier duty content creation workloads.

Large tablet – It is relatively rare and has ten inches screens or even larger such as Samsung Galaxy Note-PRO offer the greatest viewing experience and can accommodate several apps on screen at the same time; making for better productivity.

Hybrid or convertible Tablet - These are keyboard equipped touch screen tablets typically with ten inches screens or larger that have some sliding twisting or keyboard removal mechanism that allows them to switch between laptop and tablet modes; Some of the examples includes - Microsoft Surface- Pro-2 with keyboard cover, Asus Transformer Book-T100 and Lenovo ThinkPad-Yoga.

Tablet computers are handy, entertaining and low-cost. They are used to play games, browse the internet and get organized. The tablets can also have amazing value in the classroom that expanding the extent of material presented to students and helping to make topics and subject come alive. Having use to tablets helps to enhance student productivity and enhance to learning materials. Tablets allow students to team up inside and outside of the classroom. While regular classroom instruction stops when students leave the classroom - tablets allow them to continue their discussion at a later time. Also, with certain applications, students can share ideas and Other applications allow students and teachers to live chat or texting. Example - if a student finds an article/ subject matter pertaining to what is being studied in class; he can share it with his equals and teacher using his tablet gadget.

Lets have a look some of the benefits of using Tablet computers – 1 - Tablet computers are handy and can work from anywhere and small enough to put in your handbags. It has also small weight - lighter than most laptops and smaller in sizes. 2 - Tablet computers has flexible screen so that you can choose to place the screen in any of two modes - landscape or portrait. Tablet computers also have a very attractive design. 3- It provides you the handwriting recognition features. 4 - Tablet computers can be used as a GPS navigation tool. It offer the same functionality as a normal computer provides you. Some features are - gesture recognition; a powerful pen recognition. It is very ideal when you are in a conference. 5 - Tablet computers provides XP compatible regular applications can easily run. 6 - Tablet computers can be laid flat on the working surface and great and handy for note taking. You can easily connect a keyboard to a tablet, but it is less portable in such a configuration. 7 - With the use of Tablet computers, surfing the web is much healthier because most web websites are designed with laptops and desktops in head. 8 - It is ease and comfort of use. A multi-touch tablet allows you to interact with all the subject matter material quickly. It is an effective learning and teaching enhancement tool and use as an interactive teaching aid for tutorials and external student consultation. 9 - It provides a very powerful audio recording. It can connect to the internet from anywhere. 10 - With the help of tablets you can continue and finish work while in transit. It serve as an organizer to professional with much less paper on hand and good for a project presentation. 11 - Tablet computers provides you longer battery life.

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