Original HP 19.5v 2.31a 45w (7.4*5.0mm) HSTNN-CA40 Power Supply Laptop AC Adapter/ Charger for 744481-002, Compaq 15-h000 Notebook PC HP 14-d000 Notebook PC HP 14-g000 Notebook PC HP 14-g100 Notebook PC HP 14-r000 - Singapore Safety Mark

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Product details:-

  • Economical Price
  • Sold and shipped from Singapore (hence faster delivery, Easy to Exchange)
  • Certifications: FCC, CE, ROHS, GS, RCM, PSE, BSMI, NOM, GOST R, FI, D, N, ULFCC, UL, Singapore Safety Mark
  • 1 Year Singapore warranty
  • Adapter model: HSTNN-CA40
  • ElectronicsCrazy Certified refurbished product with warranty
  • Adapter part number: 744481-002
  • Compatible with laptop models: Compaq 15-h000 Notebook PC HP 14-d000 Notebook PC HP 14-g000 Notebook PC HP 14-g100 Notebook PC HP 14-r000 Notebook PC HP 14-r100 Notebook PC HP 14-r200 Notebook PC HP 14T-r000 Notebook PC HP 14T-r100 Notebook PC HP 14-y000 Notebook PC HP 15-d000 Notebook PC HP 15-d000 TouchSmart Notebook PC HP 15-f000 Notebook PC HP 15-g000 Notebook PC HP 15-g000 TouchSmart Notebook PC HP 15-g100 Notebook PC HP 15-g100 TouchSmart Notebook PC HP 15-g200 Notebook PC HP 15-g200 TouchSmart Notebook PC HP 15-h000 Notebook PC HP 15-r100 Notebook PC HP 15-r100 TouchSmart Notebook PC HP 15-r200 Notebook PC HP 15-R200 TouchSmart Notebook PC HP 15T-r000 Notebook PC HP 15T-r100 Notebook PC HP 15Z-d000 Notebook PC HP 15Z-g000 Notebook PC HP 15Z-g100 Notebook PC HP 210 Notebook PC HP 215 Notebook PC HP 240 Notebook PC HP 245 Notebook PC HP 250 Notebook PC HP 255 Notebook PC HP 340 Notebook PC HP 350 Notebook PC HP 355 Notebook PC HP 612 Tablet HP Beats 15-p000 Notebook PC HP Chromebook 11 HP Chromebook 14 HP EliteBook 1020 HP EliteBook 1040 HP EliteBook 840 HP Envy 13-j000 HP Envy 14T-u000 HP Envy 14T-u200 HP Envy 14T-v200 HP Envy 14-u000 HP Envy 14-u100 HP Envy 14-u200 HP Envy 15-k000 HP Envy 15-k200 HP Envy 15T-k000 HP Envy 15T-k200 HP Envy 15T-u000 HP Envy 15T-u100 HP Envy 15T-u200 HP Envy 15T-v000 HP Envy 15-u100 HP Envy 15-u100 HP Envy 15-u200 HP Envy 15-v000 HP Envy 15Z-q100 HP Envy 17T-k000 HP Envy M6-n000 HP Envy M6-n100 HP Envy x2 HP K12 HP Pavilion 10-e000 HP Pavilion 10Z-e000 HP Pavilion 11-e100 HP Pavilion 11-f000 HP Pavilion 11-h100 HP Pavilion 11-n000 HP Pavilion 11-n100 HP Pavilion 11T-h100 HP Pavilion 11T-n000 HP Pavilion 13-a000 HP Pavilion 13-a100 HP Pavilion 13-a200 HP Pavilion 13-b100 HP Pavilion 13-b200 HP Pavilion 13-r000 HP Pavilion 13-r100 HP Pavilion 13z-a000 HP Pavilion 14-ab000 HP Pavilion 14-n200 HP Pavilion 14T-v000 HP Pavilion 14T-v100 HP Pavilion 14-v000 HP Pavilion 14-v100 HP Pavilion 14-v200 HP Pavilion 14-w000 HP Pavilion 14Z-v000 HP Pavilion 15-ab000 HP Pavilion 15-g100 HP Pavilion 15-n200 HP Pavilion 15-p000 HP Pavilion 15-p100 HP Pavilion 15-p200 HP Pavilion 15T-n100 HP Pavilion 15T-n200 HP Pavilion 15T-p000 HP Pavilion 15T-p100 HP Pavilion 15T-p200 HP Pavilion 15T-v000 HP Pavilion 15Z-n200 HP Pavilion 15Z-p000 HP Pavilion 15Z-p100 HP Pavilion 15Z-p200 HP Pavilion 17-f000 HP Pavilion 17-f100 HP Pavilion 17-f200 HP Pavilion 17T-f000 HP Pavilion 17T-f100 HP Pavilion 17T-f200 HP Pavilion 17Z-f000 HP Pavilion 17Z-f100 HP Pavilion 17Z-f200 HP Pro X2 HP SlateBook 14-p000 HP Stream 11-d000 HP Stream 13-c000 HP Stream 14-z000
  • Pin size: 7.4*5.0mm

    Original HP 19.5v 2.31a 45w charger

    Original HP 19.5v 2.31a 45w




Very very reasonable priced and efficient. Items works great and as described on their website. Reached promptly. Wide range of options too. happy to purchase more items from this website.
electronicscrazy.sg send my adapter very fast from J
The online company have been issued a complete refund for Adapter that was not campatible with my laptop..
I ordered a charger for my younger brother HP - Notebook PC - 14 laptop make and it arrived promptly. good pricing...thanks
They have lots of electronics products and accessories for sale and have it in stock. good services by the company..also delivery is very fast. i got my ordered laptop adapter on the same day.
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