Monitors on rent in Singapore

Renting technology is a good way to get the latest tech for events or personal use at a fraction at the cost of buying it when the devices are required for a short term. Those struggling with the funds these days do not have to go without the latest technology because the renting option has made acquiring it, a bit easy. Without investing thousands of dollar in purchasing multiple pieces’, businesses can rent it and save money. They are also worriless because they can use it as long as needed and just replace it when there is a turnover of the technology which helps them stay ahead of competitors. Small businesses struggle in the technology department because they cannot afford to acquire the latest tech due to lack of funds a big business has effectively taking them out of competition with them. Rentals can allow them to compete at the same level and not have to fret over the costs for it.

Renting Monitors

Monitors can be used as replacement TVs and are an important add on for workstations. They also have a substantial impact on the quality of graphics being seen by the purchasers and their associates irrespective if they are using it or not. The monitor is just as important piece as the workstation but constantly replacing it to upgrade to new models is pricey. Monitors can be rented at Electronics Crazy for short term use such as for events.

Monitors at Electronics Crazy

Maybe a standard LCD screen rental is required as an add on to devices already available or a large screen is needed for exhibiting as a TV for an event or to have a monitor stand out from other orders, there are several monitors to select from. The monitors at Electronics Crazy are available from name brands such as Dell and SyncMaster. Electronic Crazy has monitor ranging in size from a 17-inch screen to 27-inch screens fulfilling both the need for small monitors and large monitors. The inventory has both LCD and LED monitors with widescreens. The monitors are maintained after every rental period so their response time is quick and they come with audio. The speakers in the 27-inch monitors ensure that purchasing or renting external speakers is not a necessity. There is complete screen clarity with HD resolution with contrasts and rich colours. Because of the wide viewing angle with in-plane switching technology allows the user to see better RGB colour coverage from every position making it a good choice for use as both TV and add-on with the workstation. The monitors come with integrated USB ports and with various connectors and ports such as VGA, HDMI, DVI and Display port. Despite multiple features in the monitors they are available to rent at affordable prices starting at $20 per week and going up to a maximum of $40 per week. The monitors can easily be rented by making a security deposit and the price for the monitor with the shipping cost handled by the customer once a rental agreement has been made.