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Smart Wearables

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SENCOR Travel Luggage Scale - SLS 900WH Save 52%
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PlayStation 4 MEGA Pack Save 45%
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How To Find Correct Charger/Adapter For Your Laptop/Notebook


ElectronicsCrazy brings you the latest fashion technology and smart wearables that can be incorporated into clothing or worn on the body as accessories. One of the hottest trends in consumer data science today is the wearable tech. In terms of connectivity and networking, one cannot get much more connected to the world than with a device that is strapped to one’s body 24/7.

Wearable gadgets such as wireless phone charger, watch charger, smart activity trackers and sports wearables are all the rage these days. Controlling your electronic devices hands-free, managing your data and staying connected round the clock is a ground-breaking yet challenging task.

ElectronicsCrazy is an authority on smart sports wearables, fashion electronics and tech togs. From the latest new gear to the hottest gadgets, ElectronicsCrazy is your trusted partner when you want to get the most from your connected self. We understand that wearable technology is here to stay and that it is only going to grow more and more each day.

Smart wearables by ElectronicsCrazy give you portability, connectivity and opportunities for networking like never before. Our 2-in-1 phone charger with watch charger lets you recharge your smartwatches and electronics devices on the go. Our waterproof fitness band comes with a stylish band incorporated with push messages feature and activity tracker Bluetooth. In addition, our smart bracelet bands, smart wristbands and smart activity trackers for heart rate provide you with the essential data you need regarding your physical health and fitness.


In the last few years, we have seen exciting developments and innovations in the world of wearable technology that is rapidly transforming business, life and the overall global economy. During the past few years, we have all witnessed an unprecedented rise in the use of smart wearables that are not only user-friendly but can also be easily integrated into daily lifestyle and practices.

ElectronicsCrazy is the pioneers in hi-tech innovation and wearable technology. We understand that the technology landscape is continuously and rapidly evolving, so we keep on adding the latest gadgets to our wide collection of smart wearables. Whether you are looking for fashion accessories, fitness and sports wearable technology or smart tech togs, we bring you the top-end, high-performance wearable gadgets that are also easy on the pocket.

Now stay ahead of the latest trends in the technology market with ElectronicsCrazy and shop for the best smart wearables at the most amazing prices. We deal in world-class brands including Sencor, Xiaomi and AirPower. We offer great savings, price-matching guarantees, and 3 months Singapore warranty on our smart wearables.

ElectronicsCrazy is a global technology platform and entertainment company that brings you the ultimate state-of-the-art wearable smart tech. We believe that smart wearables combine the advantages of being both personal as well as being connected to the user’s body than any other electronic device. Shop for wearable charger, travel luggage scale, smartwatches, fitness bands and much more with ElectronicsCrazy and kick off your day being more productive, efficient and connected.