Livsure Hand Sanitizer Sachets of 1ml Each for Health and Personal Care- 1/3/5 Boxes X 30 Sachets (Pack Of 30, 90, 150 Sachets)

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Livsure Hand Sanitizer Sachets Cool Water Livsure Hand Sanitizer Sachets Hand Wash Livsure Hand Sanitizer Health and Personal Care
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Product details:-

  • 100% Brand New from Factory and High Quality.
  • Economical Price
  • Sold and shipped from Singapore (hence faster delivery, Easy to exchange)
  • Pack Of 30(1 Boxes X 30 Sachets), 90(3 Boxes X 30 Sachets), 150(5 Boxes X 30 Sachets) Sachets

  • Kills 99.9% of most common germs on hands in 30 seconds
  • Very convenient and handy to use it anywhere
  • Self and instant drying gel reduces the risk of recontamination
  • Moisturizes your hands making it smooth and clean
  • Leaves a fresh fragrance after use

    When and Where to use:
  • Before cooking or eating or touching food
  • During Travelling or after visiting public places
  • Before touching infants
  • After any outdoor activity or after playing outdoor games
  • After coughing or sneezing or after visiting hospitals
  • After using the toilet
  • After playing with pets

  • Very convenient and handy to use it anywhere
  • Keep it handy in your handbag, squeeze out a little on your palms and rub gently to be germ-free instantly.
  • livsure hand sanitizer is designed to kill 99.99%of germs. The small size makes it perfect to carry your pocket weapon anytime and anywhere.
  • Where each box contains 30 Sachets of 1ml each. The three Fragrances are 90 Sachets.
  • It provides protection from infections and diseases on the go without soap.
  • Enough quantity. No wastage. very handy while travelling too
  • Comes in three different Fragrances- Cool Water, Citrus Lemon, Green Apple


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The world currently is facing a global pandemic that has riddled the hearts of people with fear. No one wants to be the next victim to this virus and thus as doctors have recommended are taking precautionary measures to keep themselves and their surrounding clean. A measure that anyone can adopt for cleanliness is the consistent use of hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is a convenient way of disinfecting the hands if soap and water are not available. They also do not promote the growth of antimicrobial resistance and will reduce bacterial count on hands. They are mostly available in gel forms and contain alcohol to kill bacteria and germs, but often leave the skin very dry due to its presence. Also, gels are convenient for personal use and rid the surface of germs.

Hand washing or sanitizer facilities are not always available everywhere you go. There should be a hand sanitizer on every person because the need may arise at any time. Livsure realizes the need of hand sanitizers that are not only safe to use but also do not dry out the skin and comes with a host of other different features.

Product Description

Livsure Hand Sanitizer Sachets can kill up to 99.9% germs. It also does not dry out the skin because of the hydrating glycerine ingredient that leaving the skin feeling moisturized. It comes as a wipe form in small packets that are easy to put in the pocket, wallet or purse making it extremely portable and convenient. It also has a fresh fragrance with a choice between cool water, citrus lemon, and green apple. The citrus lemon will keep the hands cleansed and smelling fresh longer. The cool water and green apple smell like the famous perfume of David and granny smith apple respectively.

How to Use

Hand sanitizers are very easy to use adding to their popularity and greater want these days. Similar to other good quality sanitizers, Livsure hand sanitizer is also very easy to use; just open the packet, wipe it over your hands and discard it after. They can be used before or after cooking or eating, during travelling, before handling children, for outdoor activities, and in the current environment after you come home.

Product Features

  • It is handy to take anywhere and can easily be stored in small flat spaces.
  • Take just a little and squeeze on to the palms and rub gently to rid your hands of germs.
  • It will kill 99.9% of the germs on any surface it is used on.
  • It has enough quantity to use and the rest does not go to waste.
  • It comes in three different pleasant scents.
  • It provides protection from germs and infections on the go without having to frantically find soap and water.
  • Every box contains 30 packets of 1 ml each and the three fragrances are 90 packets.