Laptop, PC and Workstation Repair, Upgrade and Maintenance Service

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Service Details:-

  • Workaround time is proximate 72 Hours inclusive after replacement stability test to ensure problems is addressed and resolved.
  • Service requires the booking of an appointment in advance, which will be arrange via Chat.
  • 1 Year Part warranty by the manufacturer.


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There is an increase in the number of devices per home and only increasing. Those that can afford to replace their products and it is less costly to replace products today than it was 10 years ago. That does not mean that it is cheap. Replacing a product with the same or a newer model is not always feasible. Refurbished electronics are an option and are not as costly as new products but are found to be deficient in some ways. More importantly, they lack the cachet the new products will have.

Importance of Upgrading and Maintaining Devices

Devices that get regular maintenance last longer

Maintenance ensures the longevity of a device’s life. They will, with proper maintenance last year longer than the mistreated device.

Maintenance is cheaper

It is cheaper to get maintenance, especially with desktops and laptops, because the cost for new laptops and desktops is far greater than a maintenance package you can find.

Detects issues before they become problems

Whether the device is new or old, it can develop problems quickly. Through regular maintenance, the problems can be found fast and in turn, so can their solutions. Furthermore, it will decrease the IT support costs you will have to otherwise spend to fix such issues.

Prevention against Malware and Viruses

Malware and viruses actively seek to access your personal and work files and cause disruptions in laptops and computers. Having antivirus software installed is not exactly foolproof because there might be a stronger virus that will pass through. Scheduled maintenance will allow it to thoroughly go through every aspect of the computer to make sure it is not hidden in any spot.

Speed up your Device

With time, files on the computer will become fragmented and extremely disorganized. As a consequence, there is slow loading times and even slower access to these files. Through regular speed check and optimization, the computer can be speeded up i.e. the load time becomes shorter and the access to files is faster.

Maximise the efficiency of Software

Over time, computers age and they become slow accordingly. Software applications that were very quickly become slow and fail to perform well. This has an overall negative impact on the desktop or the laptop, prompting people to change their devices which proves costly. Regular checks ensure that the system is running efficiently.

Features of the Laptop, PC and Workstation Repair, Upgrade and Maintenance Service

The repair services include an extensive range of services for both laptops and desktops. The repair services include hard drive replacement, laptop keyboard replacement, virus removal, speed up of software, a system health check, screen replacements, DC jack replacement, CPU repaste, Dust removal, power supply management on desktop, and fan replacement on desktops.

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