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Kitchen Appliances

Save 45%
S$980.00 S$539.00
Ariston FA3834HIXAAUS 60cm 71L Oven Save 44%
S$1,200.00 S$669.00
Save 45%
S$1,350.00 S$739.00
Save 42%
S$200.00 S$116.99
Aztech AEK3630 Save 42%
S$200.00 S$116.99
Save 47%
S$1,200.00 S$640.99
Save 44%
S$2,500.00 S$1,398.00
Bosch PBD7231SG 78.5cm Glass Gas - Black Save 44%
S$800.00 S$448.00
Save 47%
S$1,150.00 S$614.00
Save 46%
S$2,900.00 S$1,559.00
PRB326B70E Save 45%
S$2,100.00 S$1,149.00
Save 46%
S$1,950.00 S$1,059.00
Save 37%
S$90.00 S$56.99
Cornell CMO-P23 23L Microwave Oven Save 46%
S$200.00 S$108.49
Cornell CMOE28 20L Microwave Oven Save 48%
S$200.00 S$104.99
Cornell CMOP26 23L Microwave Oven Save 35%
S$200.00 S$129.49
Cornell CMOS-88 20L Microwave Oven Save 47%
S$180.00 S$95.49
Cornell CMOS28 20L Microwave Oven Save 47%
S$180.00 S$95.49
Cornell DMO-20 20L Microwave Oven Save 47%
S$180.00 S$95.49
Cornell DMO-68 Microwave Oven Save 47%
S$180.00 S$95.49
EF BO AE 5703 AR Built In Oven Save 41%
S$850.00 S$499.00
Save 46%
S$920.00 S$499.00
Save 45%
S$800.00 S$438.00
Save 40%
S$800.00 S$479.00
EF BOAE 102 A Built-In Oven Sensor Touch Control Save 47%
S$1,600.00 S$855.00
ELBA EBO 9724 S Built-In Oven Grill With Rotisserie Save 46%
S$1,250.00 S$679.00
ELBA EHS 321S 30CM Built-In Hob 2 Burners Electric Ignition Save 40%
S$500.00 S$298.00
Save 49%
S$1,000.00 S$509.00
Save 48%
S$1,000.00 S$524.00
Oven Save 48%
S$1,200.00 S$619.00
EuropAce Glass Jug Kettle Save 46%
S$180.00 S$96.99
ESC 3188Q Cooker Save 45%
S$250.00 S$138.49
Fumiyama FSJ 808 Save 36%
S$150.00 S$95.49
Save 44%
S$140.00 S$79.00
Save 45%
S$950.00 S$522.49
Save 46%
S$780.00 S$419.00
Save 24%
S$250.00 S$189.00
Save 48%
S$1,800.00 S$929.99
Save 47%
S$2,500.00 S$1,336.49
Save 47%
S$180.00 S$95.49

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Save Your Time, Money and Energy with Kitchen Appliances

Have you ever thought of life without kitchen appliances? Can you imagine your life without a fridge, cooking stove, or kitchen utensils? I know it’s going to be a clear NO from your side.

Kitchen appliances are one of the essential parts in our daily life, makes cooking easy and enjoyable. You should thank modern technology that consistently invents more and more appliances. Without these kitchen appliances, it is impossible to make life easier. You might agree with the thought that working in a kitchen manually would be very difficult, as it is not easy to cut the vegetables, and fruits as it seems. Or it is not easy to switch the utensils as per the need. Even, it could be exhausted sometime. But, with the kitchen appliance, more than half of the problem going to solve instantly. Undoubtedly, kitchen appliances will make you able to do multi-task in seconds. Well, you can easily prepare your favorite dishes with the help of stove or kitchen appliances. Plus, you can have the dishwasher to wash the dishes and plates. Over and above, there are multiple electrical items to decorate your kitchen. For the better accomplishment of kitchen tasks whether related to cooking, washing, baking or any activity, you can have the microwave, fridge, hot air fryer, dishwasher, oven etc. Believe it or not, kitchen appliances now come with advanced technology to make your life easier. If you really want to save your time and money to cook food, there is no other option better than kitchen appliances. But please select the right kitchen appliances that best fit your needs and budget. You need to select the kitchen appliances according to the kitchen design and layout. For a better selection of kitchen appliances, needs to consider the budget and appliances, and then decide to select the final appliance.

Some Latest Innovation That You Should Have!

Well, you need a wide range of kitchen appliances in the kitchen, but yet some latest innovation includes specific appliances. Besides the common kitchen appliances like dishwasher, microwaves, cooktops, ovens, and air fryer and grills, the majority of people prefer to have Range hoods, Trendy Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser, Double Arc Lighter with Metal Grit to serve their guests. If you are hosting a fine dinner for your guest, you would definitely need Trendy Electronic Wine Aerator in Singapore to improve the taste of wine & to impress the guests. Amazingly, you can carry the latest innovation of kitchen appliances anywhere with you as there is the best electric wine aerator, desktop smart cup with wireless charger, double arc lighter and many more. If you are a resident of Singapore and looking for the best kitchen appliances, no need to worry now. ElectronicsCrazy is here for your assistance. You can get a variety of collection there, according to your needs and budget. What you need to do is just visit the website and order the kitchen appliance.

Kitchen Appliances Delivery Options in Singapore

Are you looking for Same Day delivery for your branded Kitchen Appliances?

No worries! We understand and care about your urgent requirement. You can avail of an immediate delivery(same day delivery) in hours only for S$9.99, You can get Kitchen Appliances through our renowned delivery partners like Ninja van delivery (1-3 days) for S$6.99 only, SingaPost Registered delivery (3-4 days) for S$2.99 only and SingPost Local Ordinary Mail (8-10 days) for S$1.49 only. In fact, you can get Kitchen Appliances using Self-Pickup for FREE. ElectronicsCrazy, also provides Cash on Delivery(COD) option and This service is provided to customers by our delivery partners like Ninja Van and J&T Express(Shipping charges will be included S$ 7.99).

Kitchen Appliances Payment Methods

You can purchase Kitchen Appliances using online payment methods. ElectronicsCrazy, integrated with PayPal, Stripe, PayNow, Bank transfer, Paylah and you can purchase Kitchen Appliances in seconds