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Gaming Keyboards

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How To Find Correct Charger/Adapter For Your Laptop/Notebook

Any seasoned gamer knows the importance of a good gaming laptop. A good gaming keyboard can mean the difference between winning and losing your favourite game. There are a few key reasons why many of us who game using PC look for a comfortable and high -functioning keyboard. Firstly, comfort is paramount to your gaming experience. How many of us have found ourselves spiraling out of control while playing games? It’s hard to keep track when you’re having fun beating your enemy!

But to be able to do this without any interruption, you have to make sure are able to manoeuver around the keyboard with comfort. You need a keyboard with broad, well-spaced mechanical keys that are easy to use over long periods of time. Look for keyboards that accommodate for hand and wrist support so you can play for longer without development nerve issues such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Try getting your hands on a keyboard with mechanical keys which allow for a faster typing speed. This comes in handy when performing functions faster. Another advantage of using mechanical keys is that they are easier to press— you won’t have to press for too long to perform a function as they are sensitive and will respond quickly.

Another thing you should look for in your gaming keyboard is a custom, in-built control pad to optimize your control during the game. Most of the times these keyboards mimic the WASD keys to form a custom control pad. With the help of these controls, you will be quicker to the draw when you’re playing against a computer or a higher-ranking player.

Another feature that attracts PC gamers towards gaming keyboards is the fact that most of them come with backlights. This is a great feature to incorporate into a keyboard since not only do they look cool, but they allow you to play in all kinds of lighting, as well as the dark since they tend to be more brightly colored. Think it’s time to update your PC gaming equipment but not sure where you can buy good quality keyboards from? Head to Electronics Crazy. We are a Singapore-based online electronics store dealing in 10 popular categories including gaming keyboards, computers, mobiles as well as laptops. Our website hosts buyers and sellers throughout the global serving millions of buyers and sellers through its one-stop shopping platform.

Not only do we promise a variety of high-quality keyboards, but they are also available at very affordable costs typically ranging between $12–$63.

All our keyboards have mechanical keys and are equipped with backlights so that you can game comfortably in the dark without hurting your hands and wrists.

While we deliver throughout the globe, if you reside within Singapore you can benefit from our same-day delivery services to ensure that you get to enjoy your purchase the same day you ordered it.

If you’re a gamer looking to buy their next gaming keyboard, get in touch with Electronics Crazy. Contact us online or call us at 8656-1744.