Daiyo 2-PIN 5 Wat Extension Cord With Safety Shutter - DE 297 Save 34%
S$15.00 S$9.90
Daiyo 3 Way Elegant Socket Strip Cable 2 Meter - DE 293-2M Save 42%
S$30.00 S$17.49
Daiyo 4 Way Elegant Socket Strip Cable 2 Meter - DE 294-2M Save 41%
S$33.00 S$19.49
Daiyo 6 Way Elegant Socket Strip Cable 2 Meter - DE 296-2M Save 43%
S$41.00 S$23.49
Daiyo DDB 37 Door Bell Save 40%
S$20.00 S$11.99
Daiyo DDB 42W Doorbell Save 35%
S$40.00 S$25.99
Daiyo DE 134 LED Touch Sensor Save 38%
S$16.00 S$9.99
Daiyo DE 233 Traveller Adaptor Save 30%
S$10.00 S$6.99
Daiyo DE 236 Traveller Adaptor Save 30%
S$10.00 S$6.99
Daiyo DE 290 3-Way Multi Adaptor with Neon Save 33%
S$9.00 S$5.99
Daiyo DE135 Touch Sensor Save 38%
S$16.00 S$9.99
Daiyo DM 122 Microphone Save 40%
S$50.00 S$29.99
DT8208 FR Save 30%
S$10.00 S$6.99
Daiyo HDM 126D Microphone Save 45%
S$180.00 S$98.99
Daiyo LCL160 DL Ceiling Light Save 39%
S$40.00 S$24.49
Daiyo LCL162 DL Ceiling Light Save 44%
S$60.00 S$33.49
Daiyo LCL164 DL Ceiling Light Save 46%
S$95.00 S$51.49
Daiyo LRM 103-3C Module Light Save 33%
S$20.00 S$13.49
Daiyo LRM 103-DL Day Light Save 43%
S$20.00 S$11.49
Daiyo LRM 109-3C Module Light Save 45%
S$30.00 S$16.49
Daiyo LRM 109-DL Day Light Save 42%
S$25.00 S$14.49
DRC-3010 Remote Save 42%
S$24.00 S$13.99
Daiyo TA 110 cable Save 31%
S$7.00 S$4.80
Daiyo TA 763 Cable Gold Connector Save 43%
S$15.00 S$8.49
Daiyo TA 775 3.5mm Stereo Plug Save 38%
S$12.00 S$7.49
Daiyo TA 781 3.5mm Stereo Aux Cable Save 41%
S$10.00 S$5.90
Daiyo TA 782 3.5mm Stereo Aux Cable 2.0M Save 31%
S$10.00 S$6.90
Daiyo TA 783 3.5mm Stereo Aux Cable 3.0M Save 34%
S$12.00 S$7.90
Daiyo TA 792 Audio Gold Connector Save 30%
S$10.00 S$6.99

Branded Items Delivery Options in Singapore

Are you looking for Same Day delivery for your Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, and other branded items?

No worries! We understand and care about your urgent requirement for branded items. You can avail of an immediate delivery(same day delivery) in hours only for S$3.99, You can get branded items through our renowned delivery partners like Ninja van delivery (1-3 days) for S$1.99 only, SingaPost Registered delivery (3-4 days) for S$2.99 only and SingPost Local Ordinary Mail (8-10 days) for S$1.49 only. In fact, you can get branded items using Self-Pickup for FREE. ElectronicsCrazy, also provides Cash on Delivery(COD) option and This service is provided to customers by our delivery partners like Ninja Van and J&T Express(Shipping charges will be included S$ 7.99).

Branded Items Payment Methods

You can purchase branded items(Dell, Lenovo, hp, Samsung and others), using online payment methods. ElectronicsCrazy, integrated with PayPal, Stripe, PayNow, Bank transfer, Paylah and you can purchase branded items in seconds.