D-Link  DEM-CB300S 300 cm 10GbE Direct Attach SFP Save 43%
S$350.00 S$200.00
D-Linkl 10 Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Switches (DXS-1210-10TS) Save 33%
S$3,000.00 S$1,998.00
D-Link 10 Gigabit Smart Managed Fiber Switch (DXS-1210-12SC) Save 43%
S$4,000.00 S$2,283.00
D-Link 10 Port Gigabit Switch Save 46%
S$550.00 S$299.00
7 Days Free Return
D-Link 10-Port Gigabit Switch Save 48%
S$500.00 S$259.00
7 Days Free Return
DGS-1210-10MP Save 40%
S$1,000.00 S$598.00
D-Link 16-Port DGS-1100-16 Switch Save 48%
S$380.00 S$199.00
7 Days Free Return
D-Link DGS-1210-20 Switch Save 48%
S$500.00 S$259.00
7 Days Free Return
DGS-1024D Unmanaged Desktop Switch Save 26%
S$255.00 S$188.00
7 Days Free Return
D-Link 26 Ports Gigabit Ethernet Switch Save 48%
S$580.00 S$299.00
7 Days Free Return
D-Link 26-Port PoE Smart Switch Save 46%
S$1,200.00 S$649.00
7 Days Free Return
D-Link 28-Port Fast Ethernet Smart Managed Switch Save 44%
S$500.00 S$282.00
DGS-1210-28MP Save 28%
S$2,000.00 S$1,450.00
DGS-1210-28P Save 38%
S$1,900.00 S$1,170.00
D-Link 300Mbps Wireless AC750 Router Save 46%
S$90.00 S$49.00
7 Days Free Return
D-Link DWR-932 Wireless Mobile Router Save 47%
S$260.00 S$139.00
7 Days Free Return
D-Link 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Desktop Switch DGS-1005A Save 42%
S$50.00 S$28.99
7 Days Free Return
D-Link Systems Web Smart Switch Save 38%
S$3,000.00 S$1,855.00
D-LINK 8 Port Gigabit Network Switch DGS-1008A Save 45%
S$60.00 S$32.99
7 Days Free Return
D-Link 8 Port Gigabit Network Switch Save 44%
S$70.00 S$38.99
7 Days Free Return
8 Port Gigabit Desktop Switch Save 46%
S$175.00 S$95.00
7 Days Free Return
D-Link 8-Port Switch Save 45%
S$180.00 S$99.00
7 Days Free Return
COVR‑C1203 Home Mesh Save 48%
S$400.00 S$209.00
7 Days Free Return
DWA‑182 Wireless Adapter Save 46%
S$70.00 S$38.00
7 Days Free Return
D-Link AC2600 WiFi Router Save 41%
S$100.00 S$59.00
7 Days Free Return
D-Link Ultra Wi‑Fi Router Save 45%
S$360.00 S$198.00
7 Days Free Return
AC2200 Whole Home Mesh Save 58%
S$730.00 S$309.00
7 Days Free Return
D-Link COVR AC1200 Dual-Band Wifi Router Save 24%
S$210.00 S$159.00
7 Days Free Return
COVR-2200 AC2200 Router Save 43%
S$315.00 S$179.00
COVR-3902 Home WiFi System Save 40%
S$330.00 S$198.00
D-Link COVR-C1202 AC1200 Dual-Band Wifi System Save 38%
S$160.00 S$99.00
7 Days Free Return
mydlink Connected Starter Pack Save 45%
S$180.00 S$99.00
7 Days Free Return
D-Link DCS-2800LH Wire Free Camera Save 43%
S$350.00 S$199.00
D-Link DCS-2802KT Camera Save 46%
S$800.00 S$429.00
DCS-8010LH WiFi Camera Save 41%
S$150.00 S$89.00
D-Link DCS-8526LH Camera Save 44%
S$230.00 S$129.00
DCS-8600LH WiFi Camera Save 41%
S$200.00 S$119.00
D-link DEM-435XT Save 44%
S$900.00 S$500.00
D-link DEM-436XT-BXD Save 43%
S$1,400.00 S$795.00
DEM-436XT-BXU Save 44%
S$1,500.00 S$841.00
D-Link DEM-CB100QXS 40G Passive QSFP Cable Save 37%
S$200.00 S$126.00
D-Link DEM-CB100QXS-4XS 40G Passive QSFP+ Twinaxial Direct Attach Cable Save 44%
S$450.00 S$250.00
D-Link DEM-CB100S 10G Passive SFP+ Twinaxial Direct Attach Cable Save 47%
S$200.00 S$107.00
D-Link DEM-CB300QXS 40G QSFP+ to SFP+ 3 Cable Save 47%
S$300.00 S$160.00

The world seems barren without connectivity nowadays as technology has been the basic need and we cannot imagine life without the internet and connectivity. We should be careful while choosing internet connection devices because of internet connection disruption in devices can make our life difficult in this tech-world.

D-link provides you with various best and efficient product options for making your desktop a tech-world friendly with D-LINK product models (DGS-1024D) D-link 24-Port Gigabit Unmanaged Desktop Switch, D-Link 4G/ LTE wireless high speed mobile router DWR-932, D-Link AC1200 Dual hand whole Home Mesh WIFI system COVR-C1203 (3-pack), D-Link EXO AC1300 Smart Mesh WI-FI Router DIR-1360, D-Link Full HD Pan and Tilt Wi-Fi Day/Night Camera DCS-8525LH, D-Link 4port Super Speed USB 3.0 Hub (DUB-1341) Black Notebook Desktop Computer and many more tech-related products.

D-link’s products are compatible with the market prices and are available to you at the discounted prices, discounts starting from S$12.99 on D-Link Wireless N150 Pico USB Adapter (DWA-121) Black for up to S$390 on D-Link COVR AC2200 Pack Tri Band Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System-COVR-2202.

D-Link offers free shipping to the customers along with the discounts which make it a prior customer choice as compared to the other markets.

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