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Pen Drives

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How To Find Correct Charger/Adapter For Your Laptop/Notebook

Pen Drives / Flash Drives are simply a storage device in which we can keep our photos, films and many work documents safe and secure. A pen drive is a portable/ handy data storage device. Pen drives have replaced the floppy drives of old and now days have become very popular data storage devices among users. A pen drive is a Micro, light in weight and very handy, that can be easily carried from place to place by students, professionals, academicians and independent tech consultants. At present available pen drives with storage capacities ranging from 8 GB to 128 GB can be used to store graphics, heavy documents, photos, music files and video clips etc. Whenever we need to purchase a new Pen Drive, the very first and basic question in our brain is that -which one we should buy. Many times we are not comfortable in making this choice, which one is useful and best for us. Pen Drive may be a small thing, but undoubtedly our data and information is the most precious to us, and we use Pen Drive to store that valuable data. Pen Drive is smaller in size, owing to which we can keep it anywhere safe and use it over again if needed. There are many types of pen drives available in the marketplace. A pen drive is nothing but a portable/handy storage space device which is capable of taking care of your storage requirements. Of course, back in the earlier days, these devices were not able to hold more than a 100 MB, but now, as the technology advances and it gets more and more composite. A pen drive could easily store up to 120 Giga Bytes of data and even more. The most impressive thing is that you would not need a large and hard to carry external hard drive – you are just capable of storing this information and data on a piece of plastic which is not bigger than your thumb nail.

Without Pen drive you can’t transfer data from one file to another so, here will discuss the importance of pen drive in Singapore. Let’s start to know- 1 - Pen drives are use to keep your essential files always available - There are quite a lot of data files available in your Pc, but how to transfer these data files from one device to another. In fact, it is possible with such a little device pen drive can hold several GB of data which is adequate to make sure you always have in your pocket or on your keychain stuff like your latest projects files, Outlook files, photos of your beloved home, medical records, contact- lists, and much more essential access on the go. 2 - Pen drives are use to carry your favourite applications and settings with you - If you are working in different offices/ workplaces or travel somewhere then Pen Drive is the grand device for accessing your work files wherever you are. It is very handy and portable versions that can be installed and run entirely off pen drive or other portable hardware without changing the computer’s hard drive. Apart from this, when you remove the USB- drive, it ensures that no personal data is left behind. 3 - Protect your’s data/information - If you have your essential files or information or documents that you can encrypt it so that no one can access it. 4 - Run Anti-virus - If you are using an pretentious or affected computer that you can not access that sometimes need to run the anti-virus with the help of pen drives. Although, there are several anti viruses offer USB/CD recovery tools, so download the USB/ CD recovery image, and use it to create a bootable USB pen drive that you can use it on your Pc system. 5 - External storage for smart phone and tablet - If you are using pen drive for the use of external storage for your Android device with help of OTG - cable then required application to lets you mount external drives, because some devices do not have USB- OTG drivers. offerings of Pen Drive

Now question comes, which Pen Drive you should buy. Whenever we go to buy a pen drive from a shopkeeper - it asks you the very first question from you that how many Gigabytes of pen drive do you wants. There are different types of pen drives that reflect different storage capacities. First of all, we should decide what our need is and why we want to purchase it and what capacity we need. offers you the variety of options of Pen Drives; you can choose any of them after go through the complete product description available on the product display page. It will help you to make decision easier. offers different types Pen Drives in Singapore. If you’d wish to hunt down the proper Pen Drive than please follow this link -

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