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An all – in - one PC is very superior for persons that need a big screen - bigger than a laptop and a desktop’s power for better productivity and greater browsing, but at the same time do not want a big tower sitting on their desk. The best all- in-one PC combine a desktop and monitor to give you the desktop power you need of a tower, without space using and the cables that interweave all the time. All - in - one desktop are a good choice for the people seeking a grand home computer- a space saver and bigger screen space. The all - in - one computer take up less room than conventional desktops, with the same power and also tender more screen space than the largest laptops. These great computer systems have its components, ports and monitors into a single unit and allowing you to effortlessly put one on your desk, plug- in and start working or playing games. We all know very well that the computer will provide us with more options and give us more for our investment than a laptop.

This is because a desktop computer is easier to use as it can provide multiple displays and allowing you to see a number of full size windows at once. An all-in one desktop/ computer is also easier to upgrade. There are many advantages of using All-in –one desktops...let’s have a look some of its benefits - 1 - All-in-one desktops are easier for a non tech savvy computer user to set up. It is just a screen with a computer that you plug a keyboard and mouse into. Desktop computers are reasonably easy to set up, but you have to plug the computer into the screen and plug both the screen and computer into power and find a good place to set them up, etc. These tasks are quite easy, but some persons just do not want to worry about them ever. 2 - All-in-one desktops also save space on a desk compared to a desktop. Some persons do not have much space on their desk and have even less space under a desk. 3 - When you buy an all-in-one, you know you are getting a computer, screen, and audio, and sometimes even a keyboard and mouse to go with it. This makes the price of the whole thing a bit lower, and puts persons who are not tech - savvy at ease that there are no hidden expenses or the expenses they will forget. 4 - All-in-one desktops Screen’s generally bigger and sometimes provides you higher resolution and great image quality – it depends on which model you look to purchase. 5 - All-in-one desktops tend to have faster processors – for example - i3 or i5. 6 - Some All-in-one desktops have additional features like an aerial input for a built - in TV Tuner so can double up as a TV and generally a DVD drive. 7 - In All-in-one desktops- Keyboard and mouse tend to be wireless although some come with wired ones – which has its own pros and cons. Choose the one as per your choice. 8 - In All-in-one desktops, Many have a touch screen built - in and extra software to make it easy to flick through photos etc. with your fingers. 9 - Some models are also wall mountable and can be easily fix on to the wall. 10 - All-in-one desktops generally have more ports built- in than the average laptop - USB, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, audio in and out etc. 11 - Since, there are very few separate parts in All-in-one desktops, they tend to be a bit easier to setup and get to using. Over and over again you just plug it into the wall and you are ready to go. 12 - Since, an All-In-One desktop only needs to have enough room for the parts that are inside of it, they do not need to leave nearly as much room for upgrades, modular parts sticking out, etc. 13 - All-in-one desktops are probably easier to move. This goes back to being simple, since there is not as many pieces attached to it, it is easier to move around. offerings of All-In-One Desktops offers different types All-In-One Desktops. If you’d wish to hunt down the proper All-In-One Desktop than please follow this link -

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