Casio A1000D-7E Mother Of Pearl Watch Save 45%
S$400.00 S$219.00
Casio A1000MCG-9 Mother Of Pearl Watch Save 45%
S$600.00 S$329.00
Casio A1000MPG-9 Mother Of Pearl Watch Save 45%
S$600.00 S$329.00
Casio Alarm Chrono Mens Watch Save 45%
S$80.00 S$43.99
Save 47%
S$85.00 S$45.00
A159WGEA-5 Casio Alarm Digital Watch Save 45%
S$130.00 S$70.99
Casio A168WA-1 Vintage Digital Watch Save 46%
S$70.00 S$38.00
Save 47%
S$150.00 S$80.00
Save 46%
S$100.00 S$54.00
Save 46%
S$100.00 S$54.00
Casio A168WG-9W Vintage Digital Watch Save 48%
S$120.00 S$62.00
Casio A168WGG-1B Vintage Digital Watch Save 40%
S$100.00 S$60.00
Save 45%
S$110.00 S$60.00
Save 44%
S$82.00 S$46.00
Save 46%
S$140.00 S$76.00
Save 44%
S$86.00 S$47.99
Casio AE-1000W-2A Sports Digital Watch Save 45%
S$55.00 S$30.00
Casio AE-1200WHD-7A Sports Digital Watch Save 46%
S$140.00 S$75.00
Casio AE-1300h-WH-2A Save 45%
S$60.00 S$33.00
S$54.00 S$32.99
Save 47%
S$90.00 S$47.99
Casio AMW810D-9A Analog-Digital Vintage Watch Save 47%
S$150.00 S$80.00
Casio_Watch Save 33%
S$60.00 S$39.99
Casio Analog Digital Watch AW-90H-7B AW90H Save 41%
S$90.00 S$53.49
LTP-1302D-7B Casio Analog Ladies Dress Watch Save 47%
S$130.00 S$69.49
Save 45%
S$80.00 S$43.99
LTP-1183E-7A Casio Ladies Casual Watch Save 47%
S$98.00 S$51.99
MWC-100H-9A Sports Watch Save 40%
S$45.00 S$27.00
S$170.00 S$88.00
S$95.00 S$50.00
Casio Analog-Digital Vintage Watch Save 47%
S$95.00 S$50.00
Save 46%
S$68.00 S$37.00
Casio Watch Save 47%
S$70.00 S$37.00
Casio AQ-230GA-9D Analog-Digital Vintage Watch Save 45%
S$100.00 S$55.00
Casio AQ-230GG-2A Watch Save 45%
S$100.00 S$55.00
Casio Solar Mens AQ-S810W-2A2VDF Watch Save 43%
S$140.00 S$79.99
Casio AQ180W-7B Analog-Digital Vintage Watch Save 43%
S$120.00 S$69.00
Casio AQS800W-1E Analog-Digital Sports Watch Save 42%
S$120.00 S$70.00
Casio AQS810WC-4A Touch Solar watch Save 44%
S$160.00 S$89.00
Casio AW80V-1B Analog Digital Sports Watch Save 45%
S$100.00 S$55.00
Casio B650WB-1B Watch Save 45%
S$85.00 S$47.00
Save 45%
S$85.00 S$47.00
Casio B650WD-1A Watch Save 42%
S$60.00 S$35.00
Casio Baby-G BA-120T-7A BA120T-7 White Watch Save 39%
S$250.00 S$151.49
Casio BA120TG-4 Baby-G BA-120TG-4A Pink Watch Save 39%
S$250.00 S$151.49
Casio Baby-G BGA-100ST-4A BGA100ST-4 Pink Watch Save 16%
S$180.00 S$151.49
BGA-150PG-2B2 Casio Womens Watch Save 50%
S$250.00 S$125.49
MSGS200G-4A Casio Baby-G  Ladies Watch Save 33%
S$250.00 S$168.49

Branded Items Delivery Options in Singapore

Are you looking for Same Day delivery for your Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, and other branded items?

No worries! We understand and care about your urgent requirement for branded items. You can avail of an immediate delivery(same day delivery) in hours only for S$3.99, You can get branded items through our renowned delivery partners like Ninja van delivery (1-3 days) for S$1.99 only, SingaPost Registered delivery (3-4 days) for S$2.99 only and SingPost Local Ordinary Mail (8-10 days) for S$1.49 only. In fact, you can get branded items using Self-Pickup for FREE. ElectronicsCrazy, also provides Cash on Delivery(COD) option and This service is provided to customers by our delivery partners like Ninja Van and J&T Express(Shipping charges will be included S$ 7.99).

Branded Items Payment Methods

You can purchase branded items(Dell, Lenovo, hp, Samsung and others), using online payment methods. ElectronicsCrazy, integrated with PayPal, Stripe, PayNow, Bank transfer, Paylah and you can purchase branded items in seconds.