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A camera lens hood’s key use is to block unwanted lights. The lens hood will facilitate block the light that is approaching into the camera lens and that cause flash by striking the external lens components –at a less than most favourable position. This is light that never would have made it to the sensor and is not required. Instead; it cause those dis-coloured spot you might have seen. At the same time as lens flare also occurs from light coming straight into the camera lens, flare from off-angle light can be guarded. Lens hood guard the front of yours camera lens. It also keeps the lens safe from frequent dust blows. Camera lens hoods also assist in not letting rainwater to contact the camera lens face openly. Furthermore, in most horrible case, if your camera falls on the ground or the lens does, there is plenty of chance that it will fall with the camera glass facing; and in those worst cases your camera lens hood is like a life - saver. Camera lens hoods are the one of the most excellent stuff, which looks like they do not matter much; but yet when time comes they really matter the most. In general, Camera lens hoods come in two looks – The first one is tube like, which is incorporated with a predetermined focal length lens or one that can’t be zoom. It is often attached to the inside of this kind of hood, to lessen the amount of light reflecting from the plastic of the hood. The second type of hood that generally comes is for “zoom lenses”. This kind of lens hood has a bent or curved opening at one part. These kinds of hoods are built in this way; so, when we use a lesser focal - length, such as twenty eight millimetre on an 18 to 250 millimetre zoom lens, the lens hood doesn’t obstruct the wider vision angle. When you want to shoot at a longer focal – length; say, Two hundred millimetre, the hood can block a large amount of the light. Let’s have a look, some of the advantages of Lens hoods-

- Lens hoods prevents from sunlight- As talk about as above, the key idea of a camera lens hood and the reason it was firstly designed for is to avoid reflections from the sunlight from incoming the lens and affecting your shot. If you are having the sun straight to the side or above your camera, will furthermore assist to avoid flare entering the lens. Lens also hoods prevents from rain- If you are heroic enough to go and shoot in the rain – “with your camera properly protected, of course”, It can be used to guard the end of the your camera lens from the rainwater, to try to minimize the amount of drops that fall straight on the camera lens and effect unpleasant blurs in the photo. Though, it is not of course recommended in a heavy rainfall.

- Lens hoods prevents from glass flare- Just like the lens hood prevent the strong glare from the sun that come into view in the shots; lens hoods can also stop glass flares from ruining the shot. This setback is particularly significant in zoos where birds and wild animals can be behind glass partition. Reflections can assault the photo/image and make it noticeable that the photo was taken all the way through the glass. To reduce the likelihood of this happening; place a lens hood is a smart idea. Lens hoods also prevents from reflections- Another factor is Water reflections that reason glare to bounce off the lens can be a difficulty when shooting in open/variable water. The camera lens hood will help in avoid reflected glare from bouncing back toward the object, and allowing you to shoot with no glare. offerings of Camera Lens Hood

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