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A Battery Grip is an added camera - accessory which gets coupled to a dslr that is able of increasing the battery life of the camera. We all know, More the life of the battery - more the quantity of shots. Most slr and dslr cameras are designed with only 1 handgrip on the body for the right hand, assume that the left hand is used for operating lens controls. The natural way to hold the camera is thus in - landscape mode. Sloping the camera ninety degrees for -portrait mode may effect in an uncomfortable ergonomic condition. A good digital camera battery-grip solves the portrait mode trouble by accumulating a hand-grip under the camera, which can be rotated to a comfy position as the camera is operated in the portrait-mode. It generally imitates some controls such as the shutter trigger for handy operation. A digital camera battery grip provides you much more battery life and perhaps a second set of controls for holding your camera in portrait mode.If you are one of those photographers that are continuously on the go and shooting thousands of photographs on one show; then a battery - grip is one of the device that will find its way onto the camera ultimately. It is noticeable that most of the photographers don’t want to add more loads and make their cameras bigger and more bulky; but this times that is a sacrifice you may perhaps have to make, and once you begin using a battery grip for your camera, you will not be able to go back to a camera without this piece of equipment.

Now, let’s see what a Battery - grip is capable of doing. How it helps you in your photography? And, Why must use this? - Additional Battery Life - Of course, getting additional battery life is the most important purpose to purchase a battery grip. If you suffer that you are not getting sufficient battery- life, particularly when you are going out for extensive photograph session, then it is recommended that you have to think about investing in one and go out for a long photo session without thinking much. Secondly- It helps in Shooting in portrait mode - When you are taking photos in portrait mode, you perhaps find it tricky to press the camera’s shutter button. This is for the reason that the camera comes with one shutter button and is located on the top right side of your camera, thus, using a battery grip to find the added shutter button is a plus, which is well positioned to trig the DSLR camera in portrait mode. As a result, you no longer have to take the uncomfortable pose to snap your photos in portrait orientation. Thirdly, It provides you Increased Burst Mode Rate- Not all makers hold up this aspect of increased frame rate in burst mode/orientation. A few Battery grips from Nikon company come with the superior frame rate feature, while Canon doesn’t have this characteristic. This may be the one point you can consider but again not for all the time. It depends on your requirement. Further, Battery Grip also helps in reducing Battery-Change Time - Battery grip for your camera allows you to join two camera batteries to the camera at the same instance; So, you do not have to change the batteries over and over again. Also, Battery Grip helps in good video recording and long exposure to photography- Video recording consume lots of battery life; therefore, when you are shooting videos, the battery will lose quicker. In this case- battery grip is very useful for you as it allows you to shoot long videos. For longer photography requires longer battery life. Therefore, you should make sure that you have sufficient charge your camera battery. In most of the long exposure shots cases, a single fully charged camera battery may not be enough. In such cases, it is well again to use a battery grip. And last but not the least, For Time Lapse - Recording Time Lapse consumes lots of battery life. Here, you are recording video by capturing multiple frames of the scene at a fixed time interval; as a result, it is alike to a video recording situation. A good quality battery grip will make sure that your time lapse video does not get discontinue in between due to no battery power. offerings of Digital Camera Battery Grips

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