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Modern CCTV cameras systems provide you assurance that your assets, family and pets are protected from anti-social elements. Using this piece of equipment; you can also keep a watch on working staff. It has over and over again been observe that the employees and persons don’t try to steal anything from your place if they are conscious that they are under CCTV camera surveillance. For that reason, CCTV camera systems keep the property of your homes and offices protected from being stolen. So, for better working of yours CCTV, you must use quality cables. While selection of security systems along with CCTV cables for your home, you need to keep in mind a variety of things like place of installation, area to be covered, transmission media and etc. You must always make use of quality products. Always use the cables from the top CCTV cable makers to make sure superb video & image quality. In presence of CCTV, thieves don’t attempt to do any anti social movement as they know that they will be recognized and trapped. There are many particulars you need to consider before purchasing a cable for your CCTV fitting. You should cautiously decide the right CCTV cable according to the distance concerned. There are generally 2 types of CCTV cables are used to set up and control the cameras. Let’s have a look regarding these two cables as below -

- 3 plus 1 CCTV Camera Cable - This type of CCTV Camera cable has one wire are used for connecting video; its 2nd wire is used for the electric power supply and the another two is used for audio-in and audio-out. In 3 plus 1 CCTV Camera cables - One cable is coax; it is insulated and braided with di-electric stuff to avoid noise for better video transmissions. 2- cables are for used as power cables that provide power to the cameras from the power supply and the 4th cable can be used for audio or it can be left for future utilize if any power cable goes not working.

- 4 plus 1 CCTV Camera Cable - Four wires are used for carrying power supply, connecting videos & 2 wire is for audio- in and audio- out and the last wire is used for PTZ- camera control, through this you may operate your CCTV by desktop joystick it is a software-controlled cameras. PTZ - camera may allow you to pan, tilt, and zoom operations of the camera lens remotely.

When you require to fastening up CCTV cameras; you require a good quality communication and transmission medium for this job. CCTV cameras cables are used for this idea. There are by and large 3 sorts of CCTV cables - Coaxial Cables; RG-59 cables and CAT-5 cables. Not all coaxial cables have to be used for CCTV installations. RG-59 coax cable is the industry standard and top choice for CCTV systems and HD over Coax systems, though, not all RG59 is created the same. Be sure to read the specifications before you purchase. The impedance of CCTV cameras is seventy five ohms. In order to have least amount of video loss - you must use coax cable that are also has an impedance of seventy five ohms. Coax cable is also available in fifty ohms and Ninety three ohms. Do not go for these cables for CCTV camera installation. It is highly recommended that you should go for seventy five ohms cable. RG-6 can also be used for CCTV camera installations and it is also available with a solid copper core (inner) conductor and Ninety five percent copper braiding. RG-6 can be run beyond distances than RG-59 with no any video loss; on the other hand, RG-6 is a thicker, stiffer cable which is not as suitable to work with - particularly around corners. RG-59 cable is rated at Seven hundred feet and RG-6 is rated at one thousand feet for analog-CCTV camera. RG-59 is more usually used. offerings of CCTV Camera Cables

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