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Before purchasing any camcorder, the first thing you must decide is what you want to do with your new camcorder - Are you looking for something that is fantastic and simple to use? Or, are you looking for something that will fit in a purse or coat pocket? Or, are you looking for something that can record amazing high definition video that will in reality shine on your HDTV? Or, are you looking for a combination of any of this characteristic and quality all-in-one? Luckily you have lots of choices today that you will have no difficulty to find a camcorder with the features and characteristics you are looking for, and the size you want at a price you can have the funds for. Before moving forward let’s have understand that - What is a Camcorder and what it really does? - A camcorder is an electronic gadget and the term-camcorder is used to portray a handy, self contained piece of equipment with video capture & recording as its main function and often having advanced functions over more common cameras. Today’s digital camcorders have mainly three major components - lens, imager & recorder. Its lens gathers light and focusing it on the imager. The imager, typically - CCD or CMOS sensor - earlier models used vidi-con tubes converts’ incident light into an electrical signal. The recorder converts the electrical signal to video and encoding it in a storable form. The lens & imager comprise the - camera section. What kind of Lens should a digital camcorder have? - The lens is the most vital part of any digital camera or a camcorder. Whether it is a film camera, a digital or a DSLR camera or a camcorder - the quality of the lens sets the stage for the rest of the camera. Simply, the lens is the interface between the outside world and the inner workings of any camera or camcorders and If the lens itself generates a terrible image, there is no way the rest of the camera can compensate for that deficit. And for the same reason mobile phone cameras will never match the quality of full size cameras or camcorders. And also, there is no way that a pocket size camcorder can fit in the same quality lens as a full size camcorder. Lenses take up space and that is all there is to it - the longer the focal length, the bigger the lens – and finally a great picture quality.

A camcorder gives you a suitable and handy way to create movies/pictures/short films and put them on tape, DVD or even the Web as creating & editing videos has never been so easy than with digital-video-cameras. . As easy as it may seem it may still be practical for you to know some basics, so that you can get the most excellent quality camcorder within your budget. There are some basic things to keep in mind when shopping for a camcorder. You have to notice to a few main features of camcorders. The viewing screen is one of the most significant and important factors of the entire gadget and keep in mind that you will use this screen not only for shooting your movies but for the suitable playback feature. You will want to be able to sufficiently view your playback. Of greatest significance are the lenses of any camcorder. Most of the camcorders sold today feature at least a 10 x zoom lenses and this is enough for most of the purposes. Higher zoom levels are not able to maintain a quality video so they may not be useful for you. All camcorders offer one of two types of picture-stabilization and they are electronic / optical. Picture stabilization is extremely essential - The electronic picture stabilization counter acts images that seem to float on the CCD by using internal circuitry to interpret video after the picture has been captured. The optical option uses the lenses mechanism to recompense for external movements. Another factor is- Sound, which is also a main consideration. Sound relies on the quality of the micro phone on the digital camcorder and some camcorders offer zoom microphones which improve the voice quality of the subject being recorded. Also, Do you need to film at night/ in dark situations? - Then you require to consider the night mode abilities of your camcorder- Many camcorders offer the ability to film at night with the help of infrared / a special slow shutter mode that effectively utilizes normal lighting. Some models provide both modes for capturing the night videos. offerings of Camcorders -

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