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Portable Folding Laptop Desk Bed Table Stand LapDesk with Mouse Pad - LP001

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Bulk Quantity Pricing
Quantity 10+ 50+ 100+
Price S$26.59 S$23.79 S$19.59


  • 100% brand new from factory and high quality.
  • Economical Price
  • Sold and shipped from Singapore (hence faster delivery)
  • 3 Month Singapore warranty
  • In-built Fan
  • Attached Mouse-Pad
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Available Color: Pink
  • Size : 480*260 mm
  • This Foldable laptop table stands adopt aluminum tray, lightweight and sturdy.
  • You can Rotate 360 Degrees until you satisfied and Lock in Place at Various Angles.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: Perfect design, the laptop table can be used in most life thing, as a tablet holder, writing desk, foldable laptop desk, cooling pad, you can use in bed, office.
  • Easy Carry: No need to time to assembly, lightweight material make it easy to carry, and you can set it in multiple angles to fit your position.
  • CPU Fan: Ultra-Quiet Fans create a noise-free environment for you, direct the air around more evenly to provide a good function for you laptop radiating.


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Warranty & Support

3 Months


one can conveniently change the height of the table as it has 3 legs from each side, the range in which you can change is very high..Thanks to electronicscrazy.sg
Love this. Great quality for the price...
They provide 3 Months warranty on this table and this is good for me.
I like the design and options. It was great...
Amazing product my wife loves it, it really helps her a lot while she’s working at home def recommend!!
It is really a good portable table in just s$27, Quality is also good and i can use it in many ways, most of the time i use it for my work but some time i use it as my dinning table too....
This is the best option for travellers who are always on the go. Such a stand can be used as a table when camping, and as an actual laptop stand in a park or even in a hotel bed.
My laptop is not overheat as i work. I am also left-handed, and i can easily switch the mousepad to the other side and continue on with what i have to do.
Received it in good condition, Lets see how it works, thanks...
As I worked a couple of days from home, I frequently do web conferencing and I need a high stand for my laptop for raising up the webcam for a better view. This stand serves me well for a couple of times already. The hinges are very convenient to adjust. Each hinge has a button lock so that I can easily push and rotate it. It holds the position firmly and I felt no shaking. The panel material is of aluminium so I believe it is not only sturdy but also it dissipates the heat well enough.
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Portable Folding Laptop Desk Bed Table Stand LapDesk with Mouse Pad - LP001

Your Portable Folding Laptop Desk Bed Table Stand, is not at your disposal on electronicscrazy, what are you waiting for? Get your LapDesk with Mouse Pad - LP001 now. It’s a 100% brand new from the manufacturer, not just high quality, with an economical price as well. You should ask for fast delivery as it will be sold and shipped from Singapore (hence faster delivery) with a standard 3 Month Singapore warranty for you. It has got an in-built Fan

With an attached Mouse-Pad, while the material is Aluminium. You can ask for the Available Colour and with the available size of Size: 480*260 mm. This awesome foldable laptop table stands to implement an aluminium tray, lightweight and durable as well. It got a great feature because you can rotate it on 360 Degrees till you get satisfied and Lock in Place at numerous Angles.

If offers you an ergonomic Comfort due to a perfect design, you know the laptop table has to be used in most of the things associate top your life. Different unique features for you are available like it offers you a tablet holder, great writing desk and foldable laptop desk with a cooling pad, so you can use it any time at the home or your work. It is very easy to carry an object, no hassle. It offers you a CPU Fan, you know that an ultra-Quiet Fans can make lots of noise-free environment for your operations. So you can direct the air around further consistently to deliver a good function for your laptop radiating.

You will feel the ergonomic Comfort during the use, it has got a perfect design, and you can use the laptop table that can be used in different places like your bed, desk, and office.

Keep in mind that the majority of laptop users have to work simultaneously on numerous hardcopies and softcopies concurrently, it is due to the nature of their job as well as the dynamic requirements at their workplace.

We know that must be having a backache or some neck stiffness problems due to this frequent use, we know can have some basic postures during work that is the reason we want a perfect position that can help you to ease work-related pressure. It is due to the nature of your job or might be your area of interest as well. We know that many of you also do freelance at time, so that is why we care you, we want to help you to ease your long working hours by offering you such marvellous product. We want to help you in this state of affair and want to prevent your awkward seating and wrong sitting positions, and that is why this product will be of great help for you and your vertebral column as well.

You can get your high-quality Portable Folding Laptop Desk Bed Table from your favourite online store Electronicscrazy.

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