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Super Bass Ultra Loud Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker Home Theater for TV with Remote Control - LPS08

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Bulk Quantity Pricing
Quantity 10+ 50+ 100+
Price S$36.10 S$32.30 S$26.60


Product details:

  • 100% Brand New from Factory and High Quality
  • Economical Price
  • 2 Months warranty
  • Sold and Shipped from Singapore (hence faster delivery, Easy to exchange)
  • Perfect Item to Gift to your Friends and Family
  • Compatible with all the mobile devices enabled BT
  • Enjoy Beautiful Music in a better way.

    Product Description:
  • Main function: Bluetooth TF U disk Headphone input Play, answer the call
  • Material: Metal+PC
  • Speaker inverted phase tube: 2, 3.5mm AUX INPUT
  • Bluetooth specification: 3.0+EDR
  • Frequency Response: 100HZ-18KHZ
  • Distance: ≥10m
  • Output power: 2*5W RMS
  • Play format: MP
  • SNR: More than 75dB
  • Speaker specification: 5W/4Ω*2
  • Battery specification: 3.7V/1800mAh
  • Playtime: 6-10H
  • Product size: 380*75*70mm
  • Product net weight: 700g
  • Color: Silver
  • Certificate: CE FCC ROHS
  • Package Included: 1*Soundbar Speaker, 1*USB Cable, 1*AUX Cable, 1*Audio input Cable, 1*Remote.


No Brand

Additional Features

Black And Silver

Technical Details

Battery Capacity:
3.7V/ 1800mAh
Bluetooth distance:
≥10 Meters
BT version:
Compatible Model:
Package Included:
1*Soundbar Speaker, 1*USB Cable, 1*AUX Cable, 1*Audio input Cable, 1*Remote
Product Dimensions:
380*75*70 mm
Speaker power:

Warranty & Support

2 Months


Value for money as it comes with full set of cables including optical, great for music and improved voice audio on TV and recorded programs.
Superb sound quality at reasonable price. Looked like a premium quality product. Decent Bass and cristal clear sound output
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Frino Tan 0 Comment 06/04/2019
The power for the soundbar can use the USB connected to the TV?
ElectronicsCrazy Team 0 06/04/2019
yes can.
Carson Yiu 0 Comment 23/04/2019
Its your song bass sound good?
ElectronicsCrazy Team 0 23/04/2019
Yes sir bass strong...
Han Liyong 0 Comment 14/05/2019
H8..how to connect to tv....i mean my tv no optical n coax inject just hdmi n hdmi arc…
ElectronicsCrazy Team 0 14/05/2019
Connect with Bluetooth.
Lenson Sim 0 Comment 23/05/2019
The voice of the speaker is in english right? Any other better speaker you can recommend to me that you sell?
ElectronicsCrazy Team 0 23/05/2019
Yes the voice of speaker is in english...
Lee Yue Lim 0 Comment 29/05/2019
Hi...its sound bar bass good?
ElectronicsCrazy Team 0 29/05/2019
Yes Enjoy Beautiful Music in a better way.
Han Liyong 0 Comment 19/07/2019
If tv no bluetooth function tats mean cannot?
ElectronicsCrazy Team 0 19/07/2020
Without bluetooth can't.
Sanni Bin Amir 0 Comment 24/07/2019
Hi what's the model and brand name ?
ElectronicsCrazy Team 0 24/07/2019
It is lps-08.It's our brand.
Jun Onn Chee 0 Comment 19/10/2019
Hi, is this suitable for TV more than 20”?
ElectronicsCrazy Team 0 19/10/2019
It works with all size TV's , phones and other Bluetooth devices...
Garry Chan 0 Comment 27/10/2019
Along with this? How's the sound on this?
ElectronicsCrazy Team 0 27/10/2019
Sound is good
Kho Min Fung 0 Comment 14/11/2019
I’m looking for TV soundbar?
ElectronicsCrazy Team 0 14/11/2019
yes can connect to TV.
Alan Teo 0 Comment 26/12/2019
ElectronicsCrazy Team 0 26/12/2019
Product size:-380*75*70mm.
Michael Chong 0 Comment 17/01/2020
Hi this is good bass speaker ?
ElectronicsCrazy Team 0 17/01/2020
With Bluetooth connectivity.You can connect easily with your Bluetooth device.
Koong Chuen Mun 0 Comment 14/02/2020
Hi. wired or wireless type?

ElectronicsCrazy Team 0 14/02/2020
You can connect your phone with wired or wireless
Leroy Tan 0 Comment 20/03/2020
I read somewhere not for bigger Tv?
ElectronicsCrazy Team 0 20/03/2020
No this one work for all size tvs.
Chin Heng Tan 1 Comment 21/03/2020
Tats mean tv also must have bluetooth?
ElectronicsCrazy Team 0 21/03/2020

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Bluetooth speakers are fantastic piece of audio kit. They have an untethered capability of being taken anywhere you want. Portable speakers are highly useful because they can be taken from one room to another and attached to any Bluetooth device you have. They are the best way to take speakers on the go. Other speakers have the issue of being heavy or tethered making them highly inconvenient. You can take the Bluetooth speaker anywhere you want such as for picnics, beaches or outdoor activities while other speakers are limited to being used in homes if you want to keep them safe. There are a lot of models to choose from these days, from inexpensive pieces you can put on the desk to portable smart speakers with high specs, people are spoiled for choice. With just a little bit of searching you can find one that fits your needs, wants and budget

Product Description:

This speaker is a sound bar speaker that can be used in the home theatre and not just with phones supporting Bluetooth. The sound bar speaker is a type of loud speaker that projects audio into a wide area. It also comes with super bass and the sound can get extra loud making it perfect to be used for parties as well. Moreover, it comes with a remote control making it easy to operate.

Product Specs:

The Bluetooth sound bar speaker can be sued for the Bluetooth TF U disk Headphone input play, for the home theatre, to answer the call, or just connect to the Bluetooth supported phone and listen to music. It is made up of metal which why it is a sturdy material. It is available in the colour silver. To work it needs to be at least with in a 10m distance of the object it is connected to. It is a speaker inverted phase tube 2. It has an AUX input of 3.5mm and an output power of 2*5 RWS. The power supply is 5V DC and the model of the sound bar is Ip-08.

It attaches to the latest Bluetooth software on the phone of 3.0 or above it. It has a play format of MP that connects with al new devices. The signal to noise ratio is more than 75 dB and the speaker specification of 5W/4Ω*2. The frequency response of this speaker is 1000HZ to 18KHz. The battery specification of the speaker is 3.7/1800mAh and lasts for six to ten hours. The product size is 380X75X70mm and it has a weight of 700g. The package includes a sound speaker, a USB cable, an AUX cable, an audio input cable, and a remote. The remote can be used to change the volume and turn it on and off from a distance. It has also been certified by the CE, FCC, and ROHS. It is available at the economical price of $42.29. It can be used to not only enjoy music but can also used to gift. It has a two-month warranty.

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