Replacement Laptop Battery

by ElectronicsCrazy Team

You don’t need to worry if your laptop stops working or if its battery life is no longer well. The only thing you need is to replace the laptop’s battery and that’s it. You will get a repaired laptop in result.

But wait! Do you aware of the signs to know that it’s time to replace your laptop’s battery? There is the number of ways to detect the battery condition. Or you can say that the laptop itself gives you some hint to let you know about the issues.

What are these signs?

Windows don’t work well

Whenever you observe any issue in your Windows like no up-to-date or upgrading. This directs that there are some issues with the laptop battery.

Capacity issue

There might be a chance to have a storage issue if the laptop battery is not working. If you observe any issue with saved files or any disturbance in the saving process, go for a battery check.

Is this enough to rectify the problems in the laptop battery? No, obviously not. Now, you need to replace the battery according to the mentioned below steps.

Steps to replace your laptop battery

Step 1: Firstly, you need to turn off the laptop, and allows it to disconnect from AC adapter

Step 2: Now, you need to open the battery portion and hold it with any attachment device.

Step 3: Slide out the old battery from the compartment

(Be conscious while doing this, don’t touch the battery inside the compartment. Avoid touching battery with oily

fingers or hand)

Now it’s time to replace the battery

Step 4: Take out the new or replacement battery from the box.

Step 5: Slide in that battery into the compartment

Step 6: Close the battery compartment carefully and lock the bay.

Step 7: Now, allow the laptop to charge by reconnecting with AC adapter

Where to find the best laptop battery?

Besides to learn steps to replace the laptop battery, don’t forget to buy the best battery from a renowned company. You can buy the new laptop battery from You just need to call on their WhatsApp number +65-8656-1744 and get your problem solved.

Find the list of Compatible Batteries for all Brands:


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