How to Charge Surface with Surface Pro Charger?

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How to Charge Surface with Surface Pro Charger?

Surface Pro and Microsoft Surface are designed with a unique style of connectors for charging. The company designs the Surface Pro charger in an inimitable manner as the charger is smaller, light-weighted, and flatter.

But what’s unique in Surface Pro charger?

There is nothing unique apart from the design of the charger. Surface Pro charger has five metal pins designed in line-up manner. The metal slot of charger needs to be attached to the right edge of your Surface. Yet, with the uniqueness of charger, there are the majority of users who face difficulty to charge their Surface with surface Pro charger.

So, here are three simple and basic steps for the beginners to charge their Surface easily.

how to charge with Microsoft Surface Charger

Three steps to charge your Microsoft Surface

1. First of all, you need to unfold the strings of charger cord and allow the main power source to connect into the power strip or to the wall. Then, you need to connect the power slot to the Surface. Be careful to check that same pattern of metal slot matches the slot of the surface.

In the case of Surface 3, you need to connect the charging connector in the direction that will give Led light indicator .

2. After done with this, turn on the power switch so that Surface can receive the power. If the power slot is placed on the right position, then the LED light displayed on the top of the power strip will be lit. This will indicate that power is transferring from source to surface.

If the LED light indicator is not lit, this means there may have some problem or issue with the power source. Or this also means that maybe you didn’t plug the charging slot accurately to the Surface.

3. Now, you need to give some time for the Surface to charge. It will take around 2 to 3 hours for your Surface to charge completely. Amazingly, the surface takes less time for charging, if charged properly.

This is how you can simply charge your Surface with Surface Pro charger without taking help from anyone!

Need help to Charge Surface with Surface Pro Charger?

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