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Laptop Buying Guide

by ElectronicsCrazy Team

Laptops are arguably the most versatile technology after a smartphone and are capable of running demanding application. They are in-demand year-round and are available to buy from so many brands on the market, with each one coming with new models and better specifications which puts them in constant competition. It is the best tool for combining work and plays whether the owner is a student or a professional. Everything from a research paper, to watching a movie or finishing a complicated engineering project, everything can be done through the many laptop applications.

What to look for in a Laptop

There are multiple sizes, features available in the laptops all at varying prices with different websites coming up with their lists of what are the best laptops on the market. The thing to remember when laptops, phones or other technology is concerned that it comes down to preference and the needs of the person looking to purchase it.

Choosing a Platform

Whether those interested to purchase a new laptop are windows or Mac users or are open to trying something different from what they previously had. Numerous platforms can be chosen and they all have their benefits and drawbacks. The operating system is the biggest consideration while getting a new laptop.

Mac OS

Mac is the intellectual property of Apple and as such, it is the only company in the world offering the MacBook. It follows the standard of other Apple products. They are user friendly and since they come from the company itself, finding a support network to resolve any possible issue is not difficult. Even though the rigid design of Apple products means less flexibility in the product it is often overlooked in the favour of not having to learn to use a new laptop all over making it user-friendly.


PCs are a large category with diverse options available with the prices depends on how many specifications it offers. PC manufacturers number in the dozens and offer different quality as per the brand. They are sometimes tailored for specific reasons such as gaming and business with some brands producing PCs with performance surpassing that of the Mac. PCs have windows operating system and come in several shapes and sizes. The standard design of clamshell with keyboard and mouse is easily accessible. Those looking can find plenty of laptops to choose from. The biggest brands offering the windows operating system are Lenovo, Dell, Acer and HP.

Chrome OS

The Chrome OS was introduced by Google and was founded on its Chromebooks. This operating software is more limited than Mac OS and windows. The interface has a similar look to windows with its desktop, application menu and because it lets the user drag the windows around. The limitation it faces is that its web-app become useless offline. However, it is good for school children because it is more difficult to infect with malware and is an improved version of its tablet.

Choosing the Right Size

The portability of the laptop is dependent on its size. All laptops are portable however to what degree differs because of its size. They are categorized based on display sizes.

  • 11 to 12 Inches: This is the smallest size in a laptop that can be bought and weighs around 2.5 to 3.5 pound.
  • 13 to 14 Inches: It is also a lightweight laptop with the most optimal balance between portability and usability.
  • 15 to 16 Inches: This is the most in-demand size of a laptop and as such companies base a majority of their laptops in this size.
  • 17 to 18 Inches: A heavier model to haul around this is the right size for those looking for a higher rate of usability than portability.

Deciding on the Specs

Deciding on the operating system and size is relatively easy when compared to the specs. Most companies will advertise a long list of specs which may confuse even the aficionados. The main components to consider when purchasing a laptop are:


CPU is the brain of the computer and the processor will have a substantial influence on the performance of the computer. There are several processors available on the market such as i5, i7 and others.


A standard laptop these days comes with 4GB RAM but there is also 8GB and 16GB RAM available at good prices. Power users and those building large gaming systems go up to 32GB and 64GB RAMs as well.


Storage of the OS is just as important as its CPU. For those that do not require a large amount of storage and can afford it should look into buying a laptop with Solid State Drive (SSD) instead of a hard drive.


The display will be sharper when there are more pixels which will also fit more pixels on the screen.

Graphic Cards

An integrated graphics card is sufficient unless it is needed for gaming, high-resolution video editing and other applications otherwise NVIDIA or AMD processors are essential.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Electronics Accessories Online

by ElectronicsCrazy Team

Where Can I Buy Cheap Electronics Accessories Online?

In this digitalized era, there are several online sites or platforms that classified electronics accessories for easiness. Among the number of online shopping sites for gadgets, here we have some websites having a wide range of products. Let’s have a look at some best online websites from where, you can easily sell or buy cheap gadgets.

Before looking for the best online website to purchase the best yet cheap electronics accessories, you need to evaluate your budget package. This will definitely help you to make a better decision.

If you want to purchase electronics products at cheap prices, then TechBargains will be the best place for you so far. You can easily find all types of electronics accessories and products you want. This online platform is counted among the website for cheapest products, that also gives a variety of discount offers for customers. Even, an extensive computing section or electronic gadget column might make you amazed. You can majorly find laptops, desktop, routers, printers, smart homes gear and many more gadgets online used in daily routine.

Another amazing online platform to sell electronics gadgets or electronics accessories is the Slickdeals. What’s best on this website? This online website also gives a variety of facilities with quality products. Although, Slickdeals do not have much more discount options, the products and electronics accessories make the brand popular among customers.

How can you not include the Newegg in the list of electronics websites having the cheapest items? If you really love to buy electronics items at discount rates, then there is no better option for you than Newegg. You know what, Newegg has a variety of options to serve customers ranging from core components, storage devices, electronic accessories, refurbished items and other electronics tools. Amazingly, this company is working for two decades that make it highlighted as the best online websites globally.

Electronicscrazy Is the Best Place to Buy Electronics Accessories Online

Besides all options and alternatives to online websites, ElectronicCrazy is the best online electronics website so far! What makes this website the best? Well, the products and services provided by this company are itself, a win to customer’s heart. This platform gives you an opportunity for the easy process to avail of the services. The easy yet simple design of the latest gadgets online website helps you to search for the required electronic accessories. Not limited to this, the price packages and discount offers will definitely make the shopping, a pocket-friendly option for you.

If you are amateur for online shopping and are going to attempt online shopping for the first time, then don’t worry about the process at all. You only need to visit the website of ElectronicsCrazy and select the required category of products. Once you select the category, just click and add the electronic gadgets in your Wishlist. That’s all for online shopping. So, whenever you want to buy cheap electronics accessories online, always go for the ElectronicsCrazy!

Singapore - Servers and Storage On Rent Online

by ElectronicsCrazy Team

Singapore - Servers and Storage On Rent Online

Servers and Storage are the best types of solutions for data storage. The term storage server is known as the life savior in emergency situation. Suppose of a situation when your system stops working and you are going to lose all your important data. In that condition, what would you prefer to do? You might think of the alternative or go for the extra technology that can save the data to be on the safe side. So, the storage server is the best solution for your issues. But wait! Think twice before purchasing the storage server. Not every storage device is reliable for the system. Same goes with the vendors, not all sellers are trustworthy to get in touch with.

Now, the question here is; what is the best solution to get the quality storage server. The server can store as well as access the data in any case of emergency. The best option so far is to go for a renting facility offered by many of the companies. Yes, you can avail of the Servers and Storage on rent online. If you are looking in Singapore, then it is quite easy for you to avail of the best rental services by ElectronicsCrazy. With a variety of electronic gadgets and accessories, this online platform also facilitates the unique services of rental servers and storage. Not limited to this, you are just a touch far away from these amazing services. What you need to do is just visit the website and book the required products. It just takes second of you to resolve the issues.

Why Choose Server and Storage?

If you are thinking of the reasons, why to choose server and storage, then there are multiple reasons that may convince you of its importance. The very first reason for your understanding is the high capacity of space. With the facility of more storage space, you are allowed to store any files and documents in this electronics accessory. It can be said that server storage is the specialized central point to collect data and can be accessed anywhere. If there is any situation to have work via networking and exchanging of data, there is no other device better than the storage server. You know what, you don’t need to buy the storage servers for any emergency, rather, you can use it on rent. Just by contacting ElectronicsCrazy, you can book your server and storage on rent.

Be careful while using the servers and storage. You are not allowed to misuse electronic equipment without care. Especially, if you are using any device or equipment on rent, you better need extra care or attention while using it. So, be careful and always go for the best company to purchase electronics gadgets. You can contact ElectronicsCrazy just by calling them or visit their website. They offer ongoing services with quality results. They also ensure the satisfaction of customers as their foremost priority.

Laptop, Workstations, and Monitors Rental in Singapore

by ElectronicsCrazy Team

Laptop, Workstations, and Monitors Rental in Singapore

Searching to rent a laptop, monitor or a work station? ElectronicsCrazy is the answer to your query.

With the facilities of ElectronicsCrazy, you can easily rent electronic gadgets like a laptop, computer, monitor or any other. We give services in Singapore for any event and at any time. Keep in mind that charges to rent the laptop, computer and monitor depends on the time frame for which you need the equipment. This rental service can also save you in emergency situations.

Suppose you have an urgent work of the office and suddenly, your laptop or the computer system just got crashed. At that moment, what is the first thought which will come in your mind? Definitely to search for an alternative to complete the work. ElectronicsCrazy gives you the facility to have the laptop for months, even for hours. It means that you can rent laptops, monitors and work stations whenever you want, yet you only need to pay respective charges. If you are living in Singapore, then there is no better facility for the rental laptop than ElectronicsCrazy.

Some of the product categories offered by Singapore’s Best online electronic platform includes the wide inch monitor, advanced and innovative laptop, multiple USB port equipment, workstations, computer systems, and other electronic gadgets. With the variety of equipment and product categories, you can choose any device or gadget as per your preference.

ElectronicsCrazy serves you with cheap laptop rentals and cheap server rental. This will definitely make it easy for you to choose the best gadget for use. This is not common in Singapore to get the workstation on rent, but don’t worry about this. ElectronicsCrazy is here to serve you in any way. We have variety in all categories likewise for monitors, there is LED monitor wall rental, small monitor rentals, display accessory rentals. On top of this, there are categories of laptops here, including a laptop with 4GB RAM, with 2 GB RAM and what so ever.

Services of ElectronicsCrazy

The charges to avail of this service are totally depending on the time period for which the gadget is needed to use. There is a different package designed for electronic gadgets. The rental categories are varied on the basis of daily, weekly and monthly services. When it comes to the computer rental system, ElectronicsCrazy offers you Compaq dc5700, Compaq DC5800, TouchSmart 610q, workstation z420. The focus behind the introduction of these services is to simplify the use of technology. Over and above, ElectronicsCrazy wants to give easy and quick access for the customer, in case of an emergency. Is this enough for ElectronicsCrazy to serve you? Not completely. As there are some value-added services associated with ElectronicsCrazy. Here, we have new and advanced equipment, integrated services and yes the adoption of technology. On-site, ElectronicsCrazy is the online electronics platform to sell electronic gadgets. Similar to this, the facility to rent a laptop, rent a server, short term laptop rental, laptop rental for business and workstation on rent wins the heart of customers.

Laptop, PC and Workstation Repair, Upgrade and Maintenance Service in Singapore

by ElectronicsCrazy Team

Laptop, PC and Workstation Repair, Upgrade and Maintenance Service in Singapore

Do you get tired of waiting for days for maintenance services, whether it’s for laptop, monitor, workstation or any other electronic gadget? Are you worrying to choose the best services for repairing and maintenance? If yes, you need to look for a better laptop repair and maintenance service for electronic gadgets. For this, you need to inspect a lot. Keep searching for the better service in your location. Ask as many people for recommendations to ensure the perfect decision. When done with this, select the most suitable maintenance service. If you are living in Singapore and searching for the best repair services for electronic gadgets, ElectronicsCrazy would be the best option for you. With quality services and with the efficient result, this online platform is perfect to choose for maintenance services.

ElectronicsCrazy has efficient, professional and expert personnel to handle these issues. This aspect ensures a positive outcome, plus, you won’t get disappointed from the services of this company as there is the facility of gaming laptop maintenance, basic laptop maintenance, upgrading ram on pc, pc maintenance and troubleshooting, gaming laptop maintenance and many more.

Are you thinking of the fact that why to choose the ElectronicsCrazy for repair and maintenance services? Here is the answer for you. Among an array of reasons, let’s get some understanding of the facilities of ElectronicsCrazy. First of all, they have professional repair technicians. Secondly, they have dedicated repair personnel to resolve the issue. The next facility includes the availability of local parts or inventory that best fit with your electronic gadget. Whether there is any problem with the laptop, PC, and workstation, there is a solution to all your problems. On top of all, ElectronicsCrazy has automation remote functions that efficiently deal with the repair services. The high-level technician services will definitely help you to support the maintenance process. What else you need to consider is the budget criteria. Don’t go for the companies or services that charged you extra fees. Rather choose the services with reasonable price rates. Herein, we have affordable and cheap charges for all services with guaranteed results.

Response Time of ElectronicsCrazy Repair and Maintenance Services

ElectronicsCrazy gives you different packages having varied prices with varied response rates. You are free to choose any package according to your feasibility and budget planning. You need to know that the minimum response time of our company is 2 hours. Although we facilitate our customers 24/7. Some highlighted features of ElectronicsCrazy are timely execution, lasting and quality result, work under the expert and ongoing response.

You just need to avail these services of ElectronicsCrazy once and get rid of so many maintenance and repairing issues. With their quality repairing services, you may get speed up computer as never before. The consistent repair service maximizes the software efficiency and prevents the data from losing. It is important to know that pc motherboard repair, pc power supply repair and pc board repair helps to prevent system against viruses and malware. So don’t wait for so long, book your appointment now.

ElectronicsCrazy Singapore - Trusted Seller for Electronics Gadget & Accessories

by ElectronicsCrazy Team

ElectronicsCrazy Singapore - Trusted Seller for Electronics Gadget & Accessories

If you are living in Singapore and looking for the best electronics gadgets, then you definitely need the best brand to satisfy your needs. Whether it’s about standard shopping or online shopping, ElectronicsCrazy gives you the best possible electronics solution. In this digitalized era, the high need of electronics platform is clearly visible. You may also observe that nowadays; each individual uses electronic gadgets so frequently. Thus, it is important to go for a trusted company that ensures quality as well as gives you products at affordable prices.

Herein, ElectronicsCrazy is one of the best and the most demanding websites that facilitate customers with the number of services. This online platform for electronic gadgets was launched in the year 2018. From the very initial time, this online electronics website proves their services not by the products and via satisfied online services. In Singapore, ElectronicsCrazy is the community of the number of customers that are allowed to purchase any electronic item or accessories via just a click. Even the customized delivery service helps customers to get the parcel at anytime and anywhere. The online website also covers a wide range of products and accessories ranging from laptop, computer, batteries, charger, printer to the scanner, cash drawer and many more. There are many more facts that make this online website as the best one in Singapore. You can include the facility for easy delivery. Yes, customers can select any method of delivery from multiple options. Here, ElectronicsCrazy offers you hourly delivery, one-day delivery, standard delivery, and pick-yourself facilities too.

What else you need? If you are still confused with the ElectronicsCrazy, the discount facility and low prices might increase your attention. You can compare its prices with any of the other online services. ElectronicsCrazy will never disappoint you. Not only this, here are some more perks of this online service.

Offers and Services of ElectronicsCrazy

You need to note that ElectronicsCrazy is not only limited to electronic gadgets and accessories, yet, there is an array of equipment for your use. Have you ever tried to list down the services of the best online electronics platform? If not, don’t need to worry. Here is an opportunity to get some understanding about the services. You need to include, obviously the electronic gadgets, best electronic accessories, cheap electronics, electronics accessories for the home, for the shop, and for the gift. You can have desired electronics equipment of any color or style, just need to update the company once. On top of this, ElectronicsCrazy gives you regular offers and discount opportunities. Would you like to miss the chance of these amazing offers? Not at all supposedly. Plus, if you want any sort of guidance or assistance, ElectronicsCrazy is always here for you! What you need to do is only dial their number and order your electronics gadget & accessories. Believe it or not, the services of this online platform will never let you down.

Laptop Battery Buyers Guide

by ElectronicsCrazy Team


What do you prefer to do when the battery of your laptop gives you less optimally output? You might go to change your laptop, or prefer to do anything else? At that time, always keep in mind to change the battery of your laptop.

Now you might think about the things to consider while buying the laptop battery? Don’t think too much, here is a laptop battery buyers guide in Singapore. You can also consider it as the Guide for new laptop battery in Singapore.

Know Your Laptop Model and Brand

The first thing you need to consider is to know about the laptop brand and model. Is this really that important? Yes, it is. Because every laptop is different by mean of its manufacturing. You need to check the brand and model of your laptop from the battery compartment.

Know Your Battery Model Number & Find it Online

If you are in a hurry, and want the quickest solution for damaged laptop battery, then the internet will be the best solution so far. Herein, you just need to write-in the model number in search bar and get variety of solutions.

Verify Before You Buy

One should aware of the verification principles and precautious before buying the laptop battery. What you need to do is to look the information mentioned at the back of the battery. Note these model numbers and connector numbers for the safe side. Must verify these signs at the time of purchasing the new battery.

Consider The Same Voltage

It is the quite normal observation that your laptop is working with respect to specific voltage. If in case of changing the voltage, there might be risk of less efficiency. Henceforth, don’t forget to consider the same voltage that best fits with your laptop.

Consider The Same Capacity

How can one forget to consider the same capacity? Though, the laptop needs the same ratio of capacity according to its specification and working criteria. Keep an eye on these considerations will surely allow you to buy best battery to buy for my laptop

If in case got stuck with a selection of best battery, don’t worry here. is the best online seller for electronics equipment including laptop battery.

Top 10 Tips: Buy Online Refurbished Electronics

by ElectronicsCrazy Team

Image result for Top 10 Tips: Buy Online Refurbished Electronics

You know what you can save your money by investing in refurbished electronics. As you only need to follow some guidelines or tips to buy online refurbished equipment.

Do you aware of the difference in used and refurbished equipment? If not, don’t worry. We have a solution. Take sight of the fact that “used products” is something are already used by someone else. Yet, refurbished electronics are considered s most reliable and efficient one.

Let’s take a look at some tips to buy online refurbished electronics.

  1. Don’t forget to check the difference between used and refurbished electronic equipment.
  2. What else you can do is to select the authentic vendor. Yes, the selection of the best vendor is one of the imperative steps while buying online refurbished electronics
  3. The best tip is to read all the instructions carefully. Almost all refurbished electronics stores in Singapore have instruction detail on their pages. Don’t take it too easy. Must read all the postulates.
  4. Try to approach the same and known vendor to buy the online refurbished electronic product. What’s more?
  5. You need to access the overall appearance, condition, and mechanism of electronics devices. As you know that overall performance is based on the condition of refurbished equipment.
  6. Don’t go for the equipment if the box is open. Again and again, check all accessories whether they are up to the standards or not.
  7. If you are willing to Buy Online Refurbished Electronics, prefer to do choose the unlocking equipment. Plus, you must check the life of the battery and its durability.
  8. You prefer the online platform for purchasing to save your time and effort. True enough! Then, why going to suck into paperwork and clutter or burden. Avoid this and go with the advance pattern of dealing. This can be done by scanning methods and online techniques.
  9. Always check all spare parts carefully. Keep in mind that refurbished equipment will only ensure quality when purchasing accurately.
  10. Use forward-thinking techniques when deciding to buy online refurbished electronic products.

If in case, you would get stuck in any of the problems, don’t get panic. Just give a call at on their WhatsApp number +65-8656-1744.

Buying Electronics in Singapore

by ElectronicsCrazy Team

Image result for Buying electronics in Singapore

Do you aware of the fact that Singapore is the shopping paradise for all and especially for electronics lovers. Amazingly, number of people do shopping for electronic items every year. In fact, Singapore is the only place in South Asia to serve with best quality of electronics products.

Even, there is no competition when it comes to buying electronic items from Singapore. With variety of centres and shops, you can definitely find the best electronics goods anywhere in Singapore.

Despite the importance of each and every place of Singapore, some of the most renowned places to buy electronics is here as IT SHOW, The PC SHOW, COMEX, SITEX.

If you are hearing these terms for the first time, don’t be worry about understanding. These are the events and exhibition shows in Singapore. You get facilitated with all sorts of electronics at cheapest price. If looking to catch up the best and latest technology, there isn’t any better than these shows of Singapore.

For technology lovers, the IT exhibition is the largest exhibitor displaying number of thousands of electronics products. Here, the only thing you do is to visit there once.

The same goes for the PC Show, known as the best as well as a long-running exhibition for consumers. Obviously, their theme is related to electronics products. While talking about the COMEX, don’t miss an opportunity to visit the most dynamic consumer electronics exhibition. If you are resident of Singapore, go and grab your passes for the exhibitions.

Do you know what’s most fascinating about these exhibitions? Here, you can buy the electronics of your choice and preferences. You can find home appliances (LCD TV, home theatre system, DVD player and karaoke system), computer, technology gadgets like printer, mobile phone, gaming console, software in Singapore.

But what if you don’t have time to visit the exhibit and looking for best online electronics components store in Singapore. Don’t worry about that situation too. You can visit online stores to buy electronics in Singapore. Herein, is the best place to buy electronic products in Singapore. Just call them on their WhatsApp number +65-8656-1744

Office Electronics: Low Prices, Huge Discounts

by ElectronicsCrazy Team

It is commonly known about the importance of office electronics that has a variety of gadgets. You can range them from computer, scanner, and printer to photocopy machine. Thus, you can’t deny the prominence of office electronics.

Obviously, with this importance, offices should need to focus on quality equipment. The survey found that more than 60% of the office load is managed by electronics equipment. In fact, after the digitalized world, electronic equipment became the key pillar of efficiency.

According to you, what are the electronic equipment is used in office? It might be computer, laptop, scanner, printers, and laminating machines. Not only these, but you can also found copiers, dictation machines, projector, communication system, paper shredder as the electronic equipment. Isn’t it seeming that almost all work in offices depends on electronics? Yes, this is exactly the same.

Henceforth, surely office and other working organizations need a bulk quantity of electronics equipment to endure the progress. Thus, there is need to approach the electronic suppliers offering high discounts or affordable prices.

Where to find the best place for office electronics?

If you are looking for office electronics in Singapore, you can approach any reliable electronics shops having office electronics accessories in Singapore. But wait! You can’t buy any accessories or equipment without considering factors of low price. So, don’t go for any electronics brand without investigation. What’s the best solution for you? Herein, go for the best office electronic equipment supplier in Singapore that is

Some factors need consideration while purchasing;

  • Select a suitable item or product
  • Always buy from the reliable and trustable seller
  • Use smartness while purchasing
  • Ensure the warranty

How to approach the best office electronics store in Singapore?

You just need to pick up your phone and dial WhatsApp number of in Singapore, this online platform is the best supplier for fulfilling your needs. Not only this, you can find the equipment at low prices and with a huge discount. So, what are you waiting for? Go and make a call and get required assistance.

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