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The very first and basic question that may come in your mind is - What is a Docking Speakers – simply, as its name suggests, a speaker docking station is a system that can house an electronic device such as your smart mobile phone to play music and as well as charge its battery too. Generally, there are two main types of docking stations - standalone docking speakers and combined docking speakers. Standalone speaker docks- is small and portable, though standalone actually refers to the dock only having one predominant playback feature - a dock. Standalone docking stations are usually just a speaker that you can attach your device to. Standalone docking stations are perfect for travelling or those who want to listen to music outside as they tend to be light in weight and have the option of battery power; and it also combine a charger with a speaker cutting down equipment you require when travelling. It work grand with smaller devices such as smart phone and I-Pods but might be too small for an I-Pad or large tablet. It is also cheaper than their counterparts. Whereas, Combined speaker docks work the same their standalone counterpart; but have the option of another feature rolled in - Usually a DAB radio, an alarm or maybe a CD player. As they have more features they tend to be bigger and a little less portable, so will usually be mains powered, however some do run off rechargeable batteries. Combined docks are the most common on the market. They have now begun replacing the clunky Hi-Fi system in households due to their smaller in size and multiple features. Combined docks will accommodate smaller devices like I-Pods and smart mobile phones as well as large tablets and I-Pad.

Also, Docking stations generally combine playback with sort of charging option and this means you can play music and as well as charge the battery of device all in one dock. Depending on your device, you require opting a docking station with a equivalent connection port; For example - an IPod will have a different port to a Samsung phone. If you want to be able to charge your device and play music via dock; you should make sure you get the right connection. Micro - USB is a mainly useful connector as a vast proportion of smart mobile phones, mp-3 players and tablets use the connection. Though, note that no Apple products use micro- USB. Most docks also have Aux connector - 3.5 mm, which plugs into the headphone jack and this allow to play music via other devices, however this will not charge the device. This is mostly useful if you have number of different devices from multiple manufacturers in the house. More modern docks may also come with Bluetooth/wireless connectivity options and this means you can pair a remote or Bluetooth enabled player to the dock. yet once again, this will not charge a battery. offerings of Docking Speakers

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