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Do you like the idea of watching your favourite TV programme right on your PC? So, With a decent TV- tuner it is not a problem at all; and now you just see in your mind's eye being able to access the features of your external TV-tuner with or without having it bodily attached to your PC or machine and watch your favourite TV programme - Doesn’t that sound exciting?. A dedicated software designed for specifically this purpose will easily help you do this. Let’s understand that What is a TV Tuner and what it does?... A television tuner is a useful peripheral that can considerably expand your PC's capabilities and its main purpose is very simple - to receive audio & video signals and relay them to your computer. In addition to converting Television signals. Some TV tuners available in the market can also allow people to record TV programmes on PCs hard memory drive. The peripheral will be of great use to those looking to turn their PC into a fully fledged media centre. There are different types of TV tuners available in the today’s market; Based on the input connection types TV tuners can be mainly divided into two kinds - internal and external TV Tuners. Internal television tuners – It usually come as a part of a system unit. External TV tuner – It can be attached to your PC via a USB port or Through cable system. When it comes to the type of broadcast - People can choose between an analog or digital TV tuner or rely on a combo one if they are not sure on their broadcast type...

A PC TV tuner is a hardware device that converts the standard analog TV signals it receives and demodulates them into their digital form and sometimes the TV tuner capability is provided on the graphics card itself. TV Tuner cards are superb for people who are wishing to at the same time browse the Internet and catch favourite TV programmes. Now days most TV tuner cards allow people to pause, rewind and save TV shows onto their PC hard memory disks. TV tuner cards can be - 1- internal - PCI - cards, which are more common or 2- externally connected USB-devices, and come in three primary types - Analog TV tuner card, Digital TV tuner card and Hybrids - retaining both the analog and digital signals.

Why you choose a computer TV tuner? Imagine, you have purchased a Television with built in free view not too long ago and you are most likely wondering why you would need a TV tuner for your PC. The answer is very simple - As well as allowing you to watch your favourite TV programme on your PC; they allow you to do much more. Not only can you watch live TV shows completing that word document that is due; but also play & pause live- TV shows and schedule programs to record straight to your PCs hard memory drive for later viewing. Now question come that what must you look out for when deciding which to purchase? - There are many things you have to check before you buy a TV tuner. Firstly, do you receive proper TV signal in your area or living location? - Some places such as deep valleys may not receive a TV signal from the usual antenna as the signal travels straight over the top which leads me to the next point. Secondly, do you want one which have need of a satellite dish or one which requires the conventional TV antenna input? So, there are many available in the market for each option. If you do live where in a signal dead area; you may want to have a satellite card. If however, you do not have a satellite dish already installed, you may want to go with a card with the conventional TV antenna input. Next, do you want a high or standard definition tuner? - You may have to loose your pocket little bit more for a HD tuner but it will definetely mean you will be able to view high definition channels such as Discovery or National geographic channels in HD which will make a big difference if you are viewing on a large screen. Further, do you have spare expansion slots? - Before decide to purchase new internal TV tuner; you should check if you have the available expansion slots on your motherboard or not and also don’t forgot to check for the right slots. If you are planning to purchase a PCI Express card; you should check for available PCI Express slots. If there are no available slots; you may require of an external tuner. offerings of TV Tuners

Now, question comes, how do you buy best TV Tuners in Singapore? - Finding quality TV Tuners that do what you need it to, without spending as much, can sometimes be a challenge. Before buying the TV Tuners ask yourself what you really require. Secondly, how much budget you have. With these factors in your mind, select the TV Tuners available on offers wide range of TV Tuners of almost all leading manufacturers. If you’d wish to hunt down the proper TV Tuners than please follow this link-

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