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First and a very basic question may come in your mind that what does an AV receiver do for a home theatre? – Simply; an AV receiver is act as a central hub of any home theatre system and most likely the most significant part of it. It connects input device such as DVD or Blu-ray player, games console etc to the output device – TV/ Speakers. It also allows switching between the devices and can amplify signals for more complex systems. It is mainly useful if you have number of devices in home theatre system. An AV receiver will frequently have multiple inputs and also including HDMI and audio inputs, which makes it easier to switch between DVD player and games consoles and that means you can have the benefit of the same level of sound quality from your home theatre system. Also, if you have multiple devices connected to your home theatre system; then your AV receiver will also act as control hub. Present AV receivers often feature their own user interface which allows you to switch between devices and have much better control over your audio/visual settings. It also generally has their own volume control settings; which gives you volume to control. So basically any home theatre system will advantage from an AV receiver as it gives you superior level of control over the system.

Some people think they get better picture and sound quality not using an AV receiver, but with recent advances in technology, there is very little to be lost by fitting one. So, before you can assess AV receivers, you require a good perceptive of exactly what a receiver does? Let’s see - 1- It connects & switches audio sources - Every audio source in your home theatre must connect to your AV receiver and it allows easily switching or selecting the audio source that you wish to listen. 2 - It connects & switches video sources - Video source devices are also can connected to the receiver- which is connected in turn to your display device, also one can select what they want to watch on the receiver’s remote and do not have to adjust anything on the display. 3 - It also tunes in radio programming - Number of AV receivers include satellite radio receivers for XM or Sirius radio; So if you look to get sports programming or other exclusive content, you might want to think about getting this capability built in your receiver. 4 - Decodes surround-sound formats, it amplifies audio signals to drive multiple speakers and it provides the user interface for your home theatre - Its ability to decode analog & digital surround sound formats is a feature that distinguishes a receiver from a conventional stereo receiver. Another distinguishing feature of an AV receiver is that it contains at least 5 channels of amplification to drive or provide power to your surround sound speaker system. The interface includes the AV receiver’s remote control, the displays on the receiver’s face, and in many cases, an on screen display on your TV and all these things enable you to command all the electronic components and devices in the home theatre system.

How to choose an AV receiver? - There are different AV receivers in the market so while looking to choose your AV receiver; consider these factors when choosing your receiver – Firstly, What devices are you connecting? - Do you want to use your home theatre system just for music or will you be using a Television too?. So, If you are going to be watching TV using your system then an AV receiver is a must. It does everything an audio receiver does, but also processes video too. So for this reason, an AV receiver is most likely the way forward anyway. Secondly, How many channels do you need? - You require one channel for ever speaker that you will connect to the system. Surround sound needs at least five channels and normal stereo sound needs two. Do not just think about now though. How many speakers will you want in the future? If you plan to upgrade your speaker system, think ahead. Further, what will be connected to the receiver? Here’s covered normal AV inputs; but what about other devices? Bluetooth & wireless capabilities will allow you to connect mobile devices for streaming music. Yet again, since the receiver is the heart of any system - it pays to think ahead. And Lastly, How many rooms are you connecting? - A good AV receiver can manage several things at once and allowing you to connect outputs in multiple rooms; so, if you want to listen to music in one room but watch TV in another and all with good sound quality - then a multi room AV receiver is the way forward. offerings of AV receivers

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