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Audio Amplifiers

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How To Find Correct Charger/Adapter For Your Laptop/Notebook

“Audio amplifier” increases the amplitude of a signal to a useful level and all the while maintaining the signal's detail - This is known as “linearity”. Simply, greater the amplifier linearity - the more the output signal is a true representation of the input. With the ever changing performance needs for amplifiers in the audio market - there have been many advances in audio amplifier topologies. Therefore, makers must know the types of audio amplifiers available and the characteristics linked with each. This is the only way to ensure that you select the best audio amplifier for any application. Now, let’s understand that how does an Amplifier “Amplify”? - Possibly one of the easiest ways to be aware of how an analog audio amplifier works is to think of it as a kind of servo-controlled valve - that regulates stored up energy from the wall outlet and then releases it in measured amounts to any loud speakers and the amount being discharged is synchronized to the rapid variations of the incoming audio signal. In effect, an analog amplifier is comprised of 2 separate circuits - one of which the output circuit that generates an entirely new & powerful electrical output signal for your speakers based on the incoming audio signal. The latter is an AC-signal of perhaps one volt that represents the rapidly varying wave forms of sounds - both their frequencies & amplitudes). This weak AC signal is used to modulate a circuit that releases power – ‘voltage & amperage’ stored up by the big capacitors and transformer in the amplifier’s power supply - power that is discharged in a way that unerringly parallels the small modulations of the incoming audio signal. This signal in the audio amplifier I/p stage applies a varying conductivity to the O/p circuit transistors. And that release power from the amplifier’s power supply to move your loudspeaker’s cones & domes.

What Are the Different Classes of Amplifiers? - Now let’s understand the most significant characteristics of each class of audio amp available today - Class A, Class B, Class AB, Class D. 1- Class A – Class A designs have current continually flowing through the output transistors - even if there is no incoming audio signal; so the o/p transistors are always “on”. And this type of audio amplifier has the lowest distortion of any but it is very wasteful and in efficient, dissipating eighty pct of its power in heat with an efficiency of only twenty pct. 2- Class B – Class B amplifiers use output transistors that switch on & off, with one device amplifying the positive portion of the waveform and the other device the negative part. If there is no incoming audio signal; then no current flows through the output transistors. as a result, Class B amplifiers are much more efficient – say about fifty pct to seventy pct than Class A designs. On the other hand there may be non linear distortions that occur when one set of transistors switch off and the other set switches are switched on. 3- Class A/B – These amplifiers combine the virtues of “Class A” & “Class B” designs by having one output device stay on a bit longer, at the same time as the other device takes over amplifying the other half of the audio waveform - In other words; there is a small current on at all times in the crossover portion of each output device which get rid of the potential switching distortion of a pure “Class B” design. Also, the efficiency of a “Class A/B” amplifier is still about fifty pct. 4- Class D - These amplifiers, even if there are a number of different design variations - are fundamentally switching amplifiers or Pulse Width Modulator ‘PWM’ designs. The incoming analog audio signal is used to modulate a very high frequency Pulse Width Modulator carrier that works the output stage either fully on / off. This ultra high frequency carrier must be removed from the audio o/p with a reconstruction filter so that no ultra high frequency switching components remain to corrupt the audio signals. As previously mentioned - Class D designs are tremendously efficient, that usually in the range of eighty five pct to ninety pct or even more. offerings of Audio Amplifiers

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