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Asus 19v 4.74a 90w (5.5*2.5mm) Replacement Laptop Charger/Adapter Compatible With ADP-90AB, Asus series A3E, A3H, A3VP asus A6 series: A6, A6000G, A6000Ga, A6000K, A6000L, A6000N, A6000Ne, A6000U, A6000V, A6000Va, A6000Vc, A65, A6G, A6Ga, A6K, A6L, A6N

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Product details:

  • 100% brand new from factory and high quality.
  • Economical Price
  • Sold and shipped from Singapore (hence faster delivery, Easy to Exchange)
  • 1 Year Singapore warranty
  • Certifications: FCC, CE, ROHS
  • Compatible part number: ADP-90AB
  • Compatible with laptop models: Asus Series A3E, A3H, A3VP Asus A6 Series A6, A6000G, A6000Ga, A6000K, A6000L, A6000N, A6000Ne, A6000U, A6000V, A6000Va, A6000Vc, A65, A6G, A6Ga, A6K, A6L, A6N, A6Ne, A6U, A6V, A6Va, A6Vc Asus A8 Series A8F Asus A43 Series: A43, A43B, A43BY, A43E, A43F, A43J, A43JA, A43JB, A43JC, A43J, A43JF, A43JG, A43JH, A43JN, A43JP, A43JQ, A43JR, A43JU, A43JV, A43S, A43SJ, A43SV, A43U Asus A73 Series: A73, A73E, A73E-XE1, A73SV-TY125V Asus F3 Series F3Ka, F3Ke, F3L, F3Q, F3Sa, F3Sg, F3Sr Asus F5 Series F5C, F5GL, F5M, F5N, F5R, F5RI, F5SL, F5Sr, F5V, F5VL, F5Z Asus F7 Series F7E, F7F, F7Kr, F7L, F7Se, F7Sr, F7z, F7000, F7400 Asus F8 Series F8Dc, F8P, F8Sa, F8Sg, F8Sn, F8Sp, F8Sr, F8Sv, F8Tr, F8Va, F8Vr Asus F50 Series: F50, F50Sf-A1, F50Sf-A2, F50SV-A1, F50SV-A2, F50SV-X4C Asus F70 Series: F70, F70SL Asus F80 Series F80Cr, F80L, F80Q, F80S, F80 Asus F81 Series F81Se Asus F9 Series F9Dc, F9S, F9Sg Asus G1 Series G1, G1S, G1Sn Asus G2 Series G2, G2K, G2S, G2P, G2Pc, G2Pb Asus G50 Series G50V, G50V-A2, G50V-A1, G50Vt
    Asus K53, Asus K53B, Asus K53BY, Asus K53E
    Asus K53F, Asus K53J, Asus K53JA, Asus K53JC
    Asus K53JE, Asus K53JF, Asus K53JG, Asus K53JN
    Asus K53JS, Asus K53JT, Asus K53S, Asus K53SA
    Asus K53SC, Asus K53SD, Asus K53SE, Asus K53SJ
    Asus K53SN, Asus K53SV, Asus K53T, Asus K53TA
    Asus K53U, Asus K53-3, Asus K53E-A1, Asus K53E-B
    Asus K53E-B1, Asus K53E-SX048X, Asus K53E-SX049X, Asus K53E-SX058V
    Asus K53E-SX069V, Asus K53E-SX104V, Asus K53E-SX111V, Asus K53E-SX123V
    Asus K53J-D1B, Asus K53J-SX216, Asus K53S, Asus K53S-SX085
    Asus K53S-V1G, Asus K53S/E, Asus K53SD, Asus K53SJ-SX216V
    Asus K53SV-SX045R, Asus K53SV-2GG-SX006V, Asus K53SV-A1, Asus K53SV-B1
    Asus K53SV-SX045R, Asus K53SV-SX055V, Asus K53SV-SX071V, Asus K53SV-SX075V
    Asus K53SV-SX077D, Asus K53SV-SX079V, Asus K53SV-SX080V, Asus K53SV-SX081
    Asus K53SV-SX087V, Asus K53SV-SX121V, Asus K53SV-SX123V, Asus K53SV-SX125
    Asus K53SV-SX126V, Asus K53SV-SX131V, Asus K53SV-SX137V, Asus K53SV-SX144D
    Asus K53SV-SX146V, Asus K53SV-SX169D, Asus K53SV-SX174V, Asus K53SV-SX204V
    Asus K53SV-SX223V, Asus K53SV-V2G-SX208V, Asus K53U, Asus K43
    Asus K43B, Asus K43BY, Asus K43E, Asus K43F
    Asus K43J, Asus K43JC, Asus K43JM, Asus K43JS
    Asus K43JY, Asus K43S, Asus K43SC, Asus K43SD
    Asus K43SE, Asus K43SJ, Asus K43SR, Asus K43SY
    Asus K43SV, Asus K43T, Asus K43TA, Asus K43U
    Asus K43BY, Asus K43E, Asus K43E-2410M, Asus K43E-3CVX
    Asus K43E-3DVX, Asus K43E-3EVX, Asus K43E-3FVX, Asus K43E-3HVX
    Asus K43E-3IVX, Asus K43E-3JVX, Asus K43E-VX037, Asus K43E-VX052R
    Asus K43E-VX056, Asus K43E-VX057, Asus K43E-VX065, Asus K43E-VX113
    Asus K43E-VX114V, Asus K43E-VX118, Asus K43E-VX120D, Asus K43E-VX122
    Asus K43E-VX123, Asus K43E-VX124, Asus K43E-VX127, Asus K43E-VX139
    Asus K43E-VX139D, Asus K43J, Asus K43S, Asus K43SJ
    Asus K43SJ-VX061D, Asus K43SJ-VX077, Asus K43SJ-VX086V, Asus K43SJ-VX177D
    Asus K43SJ-VX183D, Asus K43SJ-VX184D, Asus K43SJ-VX189D, Asus K43SJ-VX190
    Asus K43SV, Asus K43SV-193D2410M, Asus K43SV-VX014D, Asus K43SV-VX065D
    Asus K43SV-VX094, Asus K43SV-VX097V, Asus K43SV-VX120, Asus K43SV-VX124V
    Asus K43SV-VX129, Asus K43SV-VX142, Asus K43U, Asus K43U-VX006
    Asus K43U-VX008, Asus K43U-VX012, Asus K43U-VX016D, Asus X43
    Asus X43B, Asus X43BY, Asus X43E, Asus X43J
    Asus X43JE, Asus X43JF, Asus X43JR, Asus X43JX
    Asus X43S, Asus X43SJ, Asus X43SR, Asus X43SV
    Asus X43T, Asus X43U, Asus X43V, Asus X73
    Asus X73V, Asus X73Sl, Asus X73E, Asus X73E-TY059V
    Asus X73E-TY062V, Asus X73E-TY047V, Asus X73E-XR2, Asus X73E-TY032V-BE
    Asus A43, Asus A43B, Asus A43BY, Asus A43E
    Asus A53SJ, Asus A53SV, Asus A53T, Asus A53TA
    Asus PL80, Asus PL80JT, Asus PL80J, Asus P31
    Asus P31F, Asus P31SD, Asus P41, Asus P41SV
    Asus P43, Asus P43E, Asus P43SJ, Asus P53
    Asus P53E, Asus P53SJ, Asus P53SJ, Asus U46
    Asus U46E, Asus U46J, Asus U46JC, Asus U46SV
    Asus U56, Asus U56E, Asus U56J, Asus U56JC
  • Pin size: 5.5*2.5mm

    Asus%2019V%204.74A%2090W%20(5.52.5mm)Asus 19V 4.74A 90W 5.5 2.5mm Laptop Charger

    A6000Ga Series Charger


Additional Features


Technical Details

Electronics Crazy
Input Frequency:
Input surge:
Input Voltage:
Output current:
Output power:
Output voltage:
Output voltage can be adjusted:
Product Dimensions:
Voltage Regulation:

Warranty & Support

1 year


The adapter works as advertised. I was very pleased that the adapter fits snugly into my Asus Series A6000K
Lightweight and small. Much easier to carry around. Works perfectly.
I did not realize the power pack came with a separate 110V cord making the total length longer than the original that came with my Asus X550Z laptop. Nice improvement and this one is larger, I hope meaning more robust, than the original.
This works better with my acer laptop. it's really compatible with my laptop, i got with normal price and also good condition. arrived on time, costumer service is very great. fast charger, that's why i'm so happy.
It immediately powered up my Asus laptop. As a replacement, I was worried that I might have inseparability issues, but it worked instantly. The extra length is also very helpful when traveling. it's very helpful for me, i use without any issue. thanks..
Ordered charger for my Asus series A6000U Laptop after the original charger wire started to come apart.I honestly like it better than the original. It is solid, works great, and it charges the laptop just fine.I'd definitely recommend purchasing this charger as a replacement or backup.
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Howard 0 Comment 22/07/2018
Is this compatible with G50V-A1 laptop?
ElectronicsCrazy 0 22/07/2018
Yes same charger is compatible with your laptop model please proceed for your order.
Raymond 0 Comment 13/02/2019
Is it suitable for Asus UX501VW laptop?
ElectronicsCrazy.sg 0 13/02/2019
The adapter is not compatible with the above-mentioned laptop model. The compatible adapter can be purchased from the below link:-
Sophia 0 Comment 03/05/2019
Is this compatible with A43SV laptop?
ElectronicsCrazy.sg 0 03/05/2019
Yes same charger is compatible with your laptop model please proceed for your order.

Laptop Charger Manual

Laptop Adapter


Thank you for purchasing this product which is especially designed for charging and supplying power for notebooks.


Before use, please read the following important safety information. We are not responsible for any damage caused by incorrect or reckless operation.

Important Safety Information:

This safety guideline is to help you operate your laptop adapter safety, to ensure your personal safety and reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury.

1. Do not apply external force on the cord.

2. Do not unplug by pulling the cord.

3. Do not connect a binded cord to the power supply.

4. For indoor use only. Do not place the cord or device near heating elements.

5. Do not bend the blade or pins of the plug.

6. If there is any strange sound, smoke or odor, pull of the cable immediately.

7. Do not disassemble (It may cause fire or electric shock).

8. Do not put any sharp objects into the venting hole of the product (It may cause fire or electric shock).

9. Ensure to plug the product firmly.

10. It is normal for product to become warm during use. Do not touch the product during use.

11. Ensure not to use a damaged cable. (It may cause fire or electric shock).

12. Do not place the product on a bed, bad or inside a closet that is not good for ventilation.

13. Always wipe off the product with soft fabric, not water mop.

14. Keep clean the power plug and the outlet (Dirt/dust may cause a short circuit and fire).

15. Keep the product out of reach of children.

16. Don’t unplug the power cord with a wet hand. (It may cause electric shock).

17. Unplug the power cord if you don’t use the product for a long time (It may cause heat, fire and electric shock).

Operation Instruction:

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