ABOUT ElectronicsCrazy.SG

ElectronicsCrazy is a Singapore-based company, focusing on providing the customers with the latest electronics items. Our team is focused on helping out consumers to find the best available electronic item within the least estimated time. We have a team of workers who have complete knowledge of the latest technologies around the world. They help out customers in finding the newest products according to their needs. Our customers are our main priority, so we look forward to provide them with effective goods in the most efficient manner.

Since our launch, we have grown to become one of the best electronics sellers. Our vast variety of product catalog is popular amongst all age groups within and outside Singapore. We plan on providing our customers with the most amazing experience possible. We are ready to fulfill all their needs related to electronics. Our diverse team deals in researching about new available technologies along with the ongoing needs of the customers, so that we can provide them with those goods which fulfill their demands. We offer a variety of products beginning with advanced computers and laptops. We have kitchen appliances, washing machines, and mobile phones, audio, and home theatres. We also deal in daily use electronics like iron, refurbished items, while cameras and camcorders are one of our most popular items. They are some of our high selling items. Our motive is to become a one-stop solution for our customers in terms of electronics. Once they visit our website, they should feel free in ordering any electronics that are their requirement.

We bring in some amazing discounted prices for all our products. You will find the least price of a product on our page in comparison to other websites. This is why, we have loyal customers who know the consistency of our company and the reliability of our products. Our focus remains on three things; consistency, reliability, and affordability. We want to serve our customers consistently. Whenever they buy a product from us, they should have the same amazing experience as the first time they did. Similarly, we want to provide them with reliable, long-lasting products. They shouldn’t have the problem of the product being damaged or is in a state of not working in a few weeks of purchase. Most importantly, we also cater to the affordability factor where we try to provide our customers with affordable products. We aim to become a company for all, so we want to deal with masses this is why we try to provide the latest technology at the most affordable prices. This is represented through the huge promotions and discounted activities on our website.

  • High-quality Selection
  • Affordable Price
  • Various Brands
  • Convenient Express
  • Global Warehouses
  • Payment Security
  • Worry-free Shopping

After Sales Service

One of our key points in our after-sales service. We want to serve our clients to our full potential. that is why, we don’t want to leave them drowning in the sea. To cater to this, we offer them complete after-sales service. Our dedicated support team is present 24/7 to listen to all your queries regarding any issue related to purchasing. Once heard, they will be on your doorstep within the stated time to help you resolve the issue. We want our customers to enjoy the complete journey of finding, choosing, and using the product. This is why we stand out from our competitors.

Products offered

We offer a variety of products to our customers. We deal with the latest technology in computers, laptops, and other technological gadgets. Along with this, we offer kitchen appliances, cameras and camcorders, Audi and Home Theater, and many other electronic devices. All these products are offered at a discounted rate.


Our vision is to become one of the best electronic gadget providers in Singapore by providing our customers with reliable and affordable products. We want to help grow by the passing day and in doing that we want to keep our customer's experience intact. They are our top priority so we try to fulfill their esteemed needs before anything else.


Our mission is to enhance our customer's experience by providing the best quality products. We have been in this business for quite some time and we wish to grow with time. However, in doing that, we want to cater to the masses and society as a whole. We believe our expansion should not hinder society and our focus will always remain on providing the highest quality products to our customers. We want to research the latest technology and provide that to our customers at the least possible price. We do not want to keep them outdated and we keep them updated through our website. They can easily browse through and place an order there. We promise to provide reliable goods to our customers consistently. If you become part of our clientele, you will feel honored and enjoy your experience at ElectronicsCrazy.

Discount Coupons

Do you know what is the best and the worst thing about technology? Any guesses? The answer to this million-dollar question is updated! Every single day, new and latest models are being updated and launched. The upside to this is that with the latest technology you can get all the latest features and updates. Mostly, the updated version is launched after the glitches and problems of the previous version have been solved. We believe you deserve the latest products to fulfill your needs. While saying that we also understand what a burden it could be on your pockets. Well, don't you worry we are here to help you cater to your needs and wishes? For our amazing customers, we bring very special offerings that can help you fulfill your needs and demands.

We are offering discount Coupons! Discount coupons are different from the regular sales that you have seen. You can only avail of this discount if and when you enter the coupon code at the time of billing. So it's like getting a sweet after taste after finishing a meal. It is not just one coupon that you can choose from, rather there are few options for you to avail. They start from providing offers to as low as $11 to as high as $149. This is a huge bracket for you to shop in.

The first coupon is named as "Discount $1". This coupon is valid for purchases from $11 to 20 dollars. You can buy products like a pocket-sized portable power bank, a wooden wireless power bank, a portable speaker, or even wireless headphones and so much more! After availing this coupon you can get a discount of $1 on your bill.

The second coupon is named " Discount $3". This can be availed on purchases from $21 to $ 50. After availing this coupon, you can get a discount of $3 on your bill. In this bracket, you can buy many things like essential oils, to air humidifiers to make lights! The options are insane.

The third coupon is named "Discount 5".

This can be availed on objects ranging from $51 to $100. And there will be a reduction of $5 on the overall bill. There are more than enough options to choose from and they range from air humidifiers to wine dispensers, from regular security cameras to outdoor cameras that also have Wi-Fi and so much more!

The fourth coupon is named " Discount $7"

This coupon can be availed on a total bill ranging from $101 to $150. Now means you have a golden opportunity to buy so much and then a sweet treat in the end. Items can range from buying the air humidifiers to the wine dispensers, the cameras and so much more. It's like, the sky is the limit.

The best part about these is that you can avail these coupons on the sale prices. Wow is that a double treat!

Now, you can get mobiles, accessories, computers and laptops, audio and home theaters at a remarkable low price. This is a rare opportunity that you shouldn't miss out on!

Various Brands

Gearbest works closely with over 5,000 famous Chinese brands and top suppliers, including over 1,000 top brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei. Gearbest has got over 1 million SKUs online, more than 1,000 new arrivals per day, providing plentiful shopping options for users.

Delivery Option

Global Warehouses

Worldwide Warehouses.

1 - 2 Days Delivery

Gearbest warehouses are located in singapore, Malaysia and etc., which helps reduce the delivery time to only 1 - 2 days and provides more efficient and convenient after-sales services for global users.

Payment Security

International Payment
Multi-currency Transaction

Worry-free Purchase

  • 30 Days No Reason to Return/Exchange
  • 45 Days Guaranteed Refund for Quality Problems
  • 1 Year Warranty for Free Repairs
  • Self pickup
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